Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Are Bank Robbers on the Run in Explosive Trailer for Michael Bay’s ‘Ambulance’

Ambulance trailer
Courtesy of Universal

Jake Gyllenhaal hangs out of a moving ambulance and shoots at a police helicopter in the explosive first trailer for Michael Bay’s action-thriller “Ambulance.”

Based on the 2005 Danish film of the same name, Universal’s “Ambulance” stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as an army veteran down on his luck who turns to “brother” Gyllenhaal for help when he needs $231,000 to pay for his wife’s surgery. Gyllenhaal’s solution? A $32 million bank robbery.

Things get complicated when Gyllenhaal, who has a checkered past, mistakenly lets a cop, who ultimately gets shot, into the bank during the robbery. They steal an ambulance to use as a getaway vehicle when the heist goes awry. Of course, it turns out to be carrying said police officer and an EMT, turning the already-complicated ordeal into a hostage situation.

Set in Los Angeles over the course of one day, the movie — written by Chris Fedak — also stars Eiza González, Garret Dillahunt and Devan Long.

The fast-paced trailer shows the duo trying to outrun SWAT teams, cop cars and LAPD helicopters.

“We’re not the bad guys,” Gyllenhaal tries to reassure Yahya Abdul-Mateen and himself in the trailer. “We’re just the guys trying to get home.”

“We don’t get to walk off into the sunset,” Yahya Abdul-Mateen counters.

Gyllenhaal told USA Today that shooting action scenes in the small, enclosed space gave him a newfound “respect for first responders.”

“A lot of the movie I’m in an ambulance, so there’s not a lot of space (laughs),” Gyllenhaal told the paper last month. “There are a lot of scenes where I’m just being thrown around an ambulance and I’ve got to say, that gave me even more respect for first responders because there are so many sharp edges in an ambulance nobody thinks about when it’s driving as fast it is.”

Gyllenhaal also detailed Bay’s “wild” shoot.

“I’d heard all these amazing stories about Michael Bay and what it’s like working with him,” he added. “He’s wild, man, but I adore him. Driving around the streets of L.A. at like 100 mph, shooting guns at helicopters. There are many stories out of that movie that are really fun and crazy.”

Gyllenhaal most recently starred in Netflix’s “The Guilty” — another remake of a Danish movie. He will next appear in the video game adaptation “The Division.” Abdul-Mateen last toplined “Candyman” and has “The Matrix Resurrections” on the horizon.

“Ambulance” hits theaters on Feb. 18, Presidents’ Day weekend. Watch the trailer below: