Latin American powerhouse BTF Media and Mexico’s Morbido Group have initiated principal photography in Mexico City on “La Exorcista,” a new feature hailing from famed genre director Adrían García Bogliano and starring María Evoli.

The film marks another expansive move by BTF as it drivbes into feature film production, building on its roster of high-level series such as “Hasta que te conocí” and “El César.” “La Exorcista” also represents Evoli’s highest-profile starring role since she burst onto the scene five years ago in Emiliano Rocha Minter’s “We Are the Flesh,” which was endorsed by Alejandro González Iñarritu and Alfonso Cuarón.

La Exorcista” is directed by the versatile Bogliano, a founding father of the modern Argentine horror scene. His more recent features include “Here Comes The Devil” (2012), “Night of The Wolf” (2014), and “Juega Conmigo” (2021). Bogliano wrote the screenplay along with Christian Cueva (“Jirón,” “Shark Tank México”) and Ricardo Farías (“La Culpa es de la Malinche”).

Evoli stars as Ofelia, a young nun recently arrived in the town of San Ramón, where she is forced to perform an exorcism on a pregnant woman.

The possession looks like it’s ended – until Ofelia discovers that the evil presence is trying to return to the victim’s body. She will have to risk it all to prevent this from happening, even if this means exposing her weaknesses to the forces of evil and putting her own life at risk.

“La Exorcista” co-stars Pilar Santacruz (“Luis Miguel: The Series”), Ramón Medina (“The Inmate”) and Julio Bracho (“Sitiados: Mexico”) as well as a cast of renowned performers such as Salvador Sánchez (“Angel de Fuego”), Juan Carlos Colombo (“Herod’s Law”), and Tina Romero (“Las Grandes Aguas”).

It also sees  a much-anticipated big screen return for legendary actress Norma Lazareno, one of the biggest stars of Mexican horror cinema, known for key roles in such classics as Carlos Enrique Taboada’s 1968 “Hasta el viento tiene miedo.”

“‘La Exorcista’ is an enormous challenge due to its unique mixture of horror and adventure elements,” Bogliano said. “It’s a project of distinctive scale and ambition within the Latin American genre cinema. I’m very excited for the trust that BTF has demonstrated for the top-quality horror film productions in Mexico.”

The film is produced by Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto, founders and co-CEOs of BTF Media. It is executive produced by Pablo Guisa Koestinger, founder and CEO of the Mórbido Group, a pan-Latin American Spanish-speaking horror media platform.

“We are happy to start shooting our third film this year and we are confident that we have the best team to break with market expectations regarding the horror genre,” said Cordero.

“Our film has a premise that contains an element that is rarely exploited and that breaks traditional genre conventions, for it focuses on a woman as the exorcist and not only as the possessed,” added Guisa Koestinger. “Also, we are very excited to work with new talents such as María Evoli, who shares the screen along with living legends like Norma Lazareno.”

The shoot will last seven weeks, with Laura Veytia, a line producer on BTF’s Media’s “Selena’s Secret” and “Soy tu fan,” overseeing general production.

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La Exorcista Credit: Morbido Group