Spanish Titles at the 2021 Cannes Marché du Film

Spanish Titles Cannes
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Spain brings a robust crop of developing projects and completed titles to this year’s Cannes Film Market.

“Alcarrás” (Carla Simon)
Much anticipated after Simon’s “Summer 1993,” “Alcarrás” tracks the final harvest at a multi-generational family farm. Co-produced with Italy. Sales: MK2 Films

“Ama” (Julia de Paz Solvas)
A Malaga premiere from La Dalia Films about single motherhood and raising a child without a permanent home. Sales: Filmax

“Ane Is Missing”
(David Pérez Sañudo)
A 2021 best picture Goya nominee, Patricia López Arnáiz dominates the screen as a mother looking for her teenage daughter. Sales: Latido

“Beyond the Summit” (Ibon Cormenzana)
Javier Rey (“Fariña”) & Patricia Lopez Arnaiz (“Ane”) star in this mountain climbing metaphor for self-realization.
Sales: Filmax

“Canto Cósmico. Niño de Elche” (Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz)
From Señor y Señora and Código Sur, the story of a former child prodigy flamenco singer who pushed the boundaries of the artform.

“Carpoolers” (Martín Cuervo)
A Malaga player produced by Alamo; on a ride-share through Madrid, four strangers learn about one another before ending up at the wrong destination together. Sales: Latido

“Counting Sheep” (Jose Corral)
Ernesto finds comfort in three new friends, but is easily influenced into acting against his own best interests. Aqui y Alli Films, LaNube Peliculas and Wanka Cine produce. Sales: Filmax
“The Cover” (Secun de la Rosa)
Would-be musician Dani is afraid to fail, but meets Adele, who inspires the best in him. Nadie es Perfecto produces. Sales: Latido Films

“The Daughter” (Manuel Martín Cuenca)
A tutor and his wife, unable to conceive, take in a pregnant runaway on the condition she leave the baby with them. Sales: Film Factory

“A Dead Man Cannot Live” (Ezekiel Montes)
Costa del Sol’s dark underbelly is exposed in this drama set among the loan sharks, dealers and thugs of the idyllic vacation spot. Sales: Filmax

“Fatum” (Juan Galiñanes)
Worried about whether his son will get a life-saving transplant, sniper Pablo makes a terrible mistake leading to an impossible decision.

“The Good Boss” (Fernando León de Aranoa)
Javier Bardem headlines an ensemble cast in this story of an impresario up for an award just as everything
at his business goes wrong. S.A. MK2

“Infiesto” (Patxi Amezcua)
On the day of COVID-19 lockdowns, a young woman appears on the streets of Infiesto. Two police must track down her assaulter.

“Josefina” (Javier Marco)
From 2021 Goya-winner Marco, a prison guard invents an inmate daughter to meet a frequent visitor. White Leaf Producciones and Featurent produce.
Sales: Feel Content

“The Kids Are Alright” (Santiago Segura)
From Spanish superstar Segura, a man and his father must catch up to a train that left without them, but with their kids. Sales: Latido Films

“The King of the Whole World” (Carlos Saura)
A director and his ex team on a musical. Saura’s first fiction musical in years, with a classic storyline and contemporary edge. Sales: Latido

“Libertad” (Clara Roquet)
Cannes’ Critics Week player, the anticipated feature debut involves an intense summer friendship between two girls from opposite sides of the tracks. Sales: Playtime

“Maixabel” (Icíar Bollaín)
Believing everyone deserves a second chance, a widow meets face-to-face with her husband’s killers. A Kowalski Films-Feelgood co-production. Sales: Film Factory

“Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea” (Marcel Barrena)
Two Spanish lifeguards head to Lesbos after seeing a photo of a drowned child. Currently in post, Lastor Media, Fasten Films, Arcadia Motion Pictures and Heretic Productions produce. Sales: Filmax

“Miguel’s War” (Eliane Raheb)
A Berlin Panorama premiere, the portrait of a gay man who returns to Lebanon to face the ghosts of his past and unrequited love. ITAR productions, Kabinett-film and Zeitun
Films produce.

“Official Competition,” (Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn)
Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez star in this meta feature about filmmaking and ego. Sales: Protagonist Pictures

“On the Fringe” (Juan Diego Botto)
Penelope Cruz and Luis Tosar headline this social thriller that takes place in a single day that will forever impact the lives of its protagonists. Sales: Bank­side Films

“Once Upon a Time in Euskadi” (Manu Gómez)
In pre-production, a mid-80s coming-of-age story set in the then-turbu-lent Spanish Basque Country. Sales: Film Factory

“Ons” (Alfonso Zarauza)
Maruxiña Film Co. and Bando À Parte produce the story of Dr. Vicente and his wife, Mariña, interrupted on holiday by an amnesiac foreigner. Sales: Feel Content

“An Optical Illusion” (Juan Cavestany)
A couple vacations in New York, but nothing feels right as they cycle through the same streets, cafes and sites over and over again. Cuidado Con El Perro produced. Sales: Feel Content

“Piggy” (Carlota Pereda)
Shooting, the story of a girl who knows more than she lets on about the abduction of her bullies. Morena Films, Back Up Media produce. Sales: Charades

“Polyamory for Dummies” (Fernando Colomo)
Manu, a 28-year-old overnight internet sensation, and young doctor Amanda embark on a polyamorous relationship in defiance of traditional romantic love. Sales: Latido

“The Replacement” (Óscar Aibar)
A big city cop moves to a small village looking for calm for himself and his daughter but finds instead a murder investigation. Sales: Latido

“Singing on the Rooftops” (Enric Ribes)
Aging Barcelona drag queen Eduardo struggles to make a living performing, but his priorities change when 3-year-old Chloe arrives in his life.

“The Sacred Spirit” (Chema García Ibarra)
José Manuel, a member of a UFO enthusiast group, has the fate of humanity in his hands in this Spain-France-Turkey co-pro.

“Sinjar” (Anna M. Bofarull)
The first Catalan film to tackle the subject of Islamic extremism, doing so from a feminine perspective. KaBoGa and Genius at Large produce. Sales: Filmax

“Things to Do Before You Die” (Cristina Fernández Pintado, Miguel Llorens)
Alicante and Valencia festival award-winner turning on a group of 30-somethings brought back together by the death of the youngest among them. The Fly Hunter and Fosca Films produce. Sales: Feel Content

“The Treasure of Barracuda” (Adriá Garcia)
Based on the eponymous novel, in this animated feature an incognito woman sets off to find the truth about her supposedly shipwrecked parents and ends up on a pirate ship. Sales: Filmax

“Undercover Wedding Crashers” (Carlos Theron)
Produced by Telecinco Cinema, La Pepa Films, Lazona, Mogambo and Quexito Films, a comedy following an undercover cop who joins a flamenco trap band booked for a mafia wedding. Sales: Filmax

“Unicornios” (Alex Lora)
Lora directs this story of a progressive young professional woman in Barcelona, unwavering in her convictions. Sales: Filmax

“Very Bald Trip” (Nacho G. Velilla)
Premiering in October via Warner, this comedy follows three balding men on a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant procedure. Sales: Film Factory

“Wetland,” (Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta)
A biologist arrives in a village to save a natural preserve and faces off against violent locals. A-list cast includes
Raúl Arévalo, Paz Vega, Roberto Álamo in Sunrise Pictures production. Sales: Film Factory

“What Went Wrong?” (Liliana Torres)
Pushing 40 in a cycle of failed relationships, Lili tracks down former lovers to ask, “What went wrong?” Torres writes, directs and stars.

“You Keep the Kids!” (Dani de la Orden)
Divorced parents fight to lose custody of their children in this tale inspired by “Daddy or Mommy,” which earned $19.9 million in France. Sales: Film Factory