Leading French documentary production and distribution banner ZED has signed a deal with Curiosity, the U.S. non-fiction company headed by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, to deliver 10 exclusive programs by the end of 2022.

They will premiere across Curiosity’s subscription-based platform, and its linear channel. Under the pact, the first 7 original productions set to be delivered include “Besieged Fortresses, Battles of Legend – Season 2,” a gripping series of four episodes exploring how fortresses redefined the art of warfare. Locations visited as part of the series are the sieges of Saint John of Acre in Israel, Rhodes in Greece, Malta and Stirling in Scotland.

Fabrice Buysschaert, Sophie Scala, Marion Vaqué-Marti and Angèle Berland are directing the 4K-lensed series, which is scheduled for spring 2022.

The documentary series’ first season, which revisits milestone events at the fortress of Richard the Lionheart and the siege of La Rochelle, is already available on SVOD service CuriosityStream and Curiosity Channel.

ZED is also producing for Curiosity a three-part series titled “Normandy, Northern Men Empire,” which is directed by Juliette Desbois and will offer a deep dive into the great armed conflicts that made Normandy one of the most coveted territories in Europe.

Shot in 4K, the ambitious series will give a unique insight into three centuries of heroes, battles, fortresses and strategy. The series, which will be delivered for the last quarter of 2022, will highlight Rollo the Walker, William the Conqueror and Richard the Lion Heart and John Lackland.

Manuel Catteau, president of ZED, said the agreement strengthened the close ties between Curiosity and ZED.

“We’re thrilled by the trust Curiosity has placed in us by ordering these films, which confirm our ability to produce high-end platform-appropriate content with strong storytelling,” said Catteau. The pact also “strengthens ZED’s growth strategy in the U.S. market, which has become a key territory for the company,” added the executive.