Longtime colleagues and college friends Gabriel Govela (“Dark Rain”), Irma Deschamps (“Champs”) and Juan Carlos Montes have reunited to launch TresTresTres Films, a young, fresh independent production house based out of Mexico City.

The trio are currently participating in the Sanfic Industria Morbido Lab for feature genre projects with Govela’s hardcore horror project “Zarzal.” It’s one of six projects pitching to prospective investors, co-producers, sales agents and festival and market representatives with a chance to score budgetary backing and production support from Grupo Morbido founder and CEO Pablo Guisa.

In “Zarzal,” three childhood friends – Damián, Rocío and Elia – camp out for the night in the desert. During the night, Damien steps away from the camp to go to relieve himself, but in the darkness of the night is attacked and bitten by an unknown animal. His injury is severe enough that the trio decide to head to the nearest town, Zarzal, to seek out medical help.

Upon their arrival however, everything is closed and seemingly abandoned. However, while trying to procure supplies from a pharmacy they’ve broken into, the group is attacked by an army of demonic children, causing them to split up. The three must overcome the armies of little monsters, narco-traffickers who themselves are stuck in the village, and several locals.

“TresTresTres Films is born out of our love for films and what they make us feel,” Govela told Variety. “We’re deeply invested in creating a great production company and telling awesome stories rooted in our reality, that entertain and challenge our audiences, and make them truly feel; cool and smart content that can make them see things from a different perspective.”

“It is a pleasure and a thrill to form a company with friends with whom you share ideals, visions and a dedication for what you enjoy doing, which, in our case, is to create stories and make them come true on the screen,” Deschamps explained. “Friends since university, for a time our paths separated, but today they meet again to give life to TresTresTres Films. We want to create content that exalts the name of our country and of which we can all be proud “

“I’m so happy to start this journey with Irma and Gabriel at TresTresTres Films,” said Montes. “We love movies and stories with the same intensity, but sometimes for different reasons, and that inspires wonderful conversations and creativity sessions. We dream of being a prolific production company, with stories that touch hearts, shake minds and contribute to the growth and improvement of Mexico’s film industry.”

In addition to “Zarzal,” the company is currently developing three other projects: “Sacrificio,” a 1980s-set thriller unspooling within Mexico’s Guerrilla community in which a the kidnapping of a high-profile politician goes terribly wrong; “Camino a la Chingada,” a coming-of-age story about a boy and his close friend, who happens to be an elderly man in the waning stages of a cancer battle, who embark on a trip to find the boy’s father; and “Quicksilver,” a supernatural slasher in which a family’s blood-curse unleashes chaos in Mexico’s silver mining region.