Venice Award Winner ‘Full Time,’ Starring ‘Call My Agent’s’ Laure Calamy, Sells to Multiple Territories (EXCLUSIVE)

Venice Award Winner 'Full Time' Sells to Multiple Territories
Courtesy of Be For Films

Race-against-time social drama “Full Time” (À plein temps), which won the best actress prize for “Call My Agent” star Laure Calamy and the best director award for Eric Gravel in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival, has scored multiple territory deals for Brussels-based sales company Be For Films.

The territories sold on the French-language film are Benelux (Athena Films), Switzerland (Xenix Filmdistribution), Italy (I Wonder), Spain (Festival Films), Greece (Cinobo), Norway (Arthaus), Canada (Axia Films), Australia/New Zealand (Palace Entertainment), China (Huanxi), Taiwan (Hooray Films), South Korea (Choix Pictures), and Indonesia (Falcon).

Discussions are ongoing with buyers in the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Israel and Poland.

Haut et Court will release the film in France on March 9.

Pamela Leu, the film’s sales agent at Be For Films, said: “After the premiere on the Lido, I was thrilled to discover with emotion so many people could relate to Julie’s fast-paced life, though it’s a drama. Besides, it’s a universal theme, that’s more than in many films.”

The film centers on Julie, who goes to great lengths to raise her two children in the countryside while keeping her job in a Parisian luxury hotel. When she finally gets a job interview for a position she had long been hoping for, a national strike breaks out, paralyzing the public transport system. She sets off on a frantic race against time.

In a statement, Gravel – who also wrote the screenplay – said: “The film is a social drama that I approached in a certain way as a thriller. I wanted the daily gestures to be seen as a source of tension. Julie, the main character, lives life in the fast lane, not because she is a spy or a CIA agent but simply because she is a single mother fighting her way to a better life.”

Acting alongside Calamy, who won a César this year for comedy “My Donkey, My Lover & I,” are Anne Suarez, Geneviève Mnich, Nolan Arizmendi and Sasha Lemaitre Cremaschi.

The producers are Raphaëlle Delauche and Nicolas Sanfaute for Novoprod Cinema. The cinematographer was Victor Seguin, and the editor was Mathilde Van De Moortel.

Upcoming titles on Be For Films’ slate include Thierry Binisti’s “Le Prix du Passage,” Mathieu Gerault’s “Sentinelle Sud,” Hans Herbots’ “Ritual” and Benoît Mariage’s “Habib.”