SF Studios is set to co-produce and distribute “UFO Sweden,” a sci-fi adventure from Crazy Pictures, a Swedish film collective whose past credits includes the 2018 hit movie “The Unthinkable.”

Reinvent will handle international sales on “UFO Sweden,” which is scheduled to start shooting in the fall. SF Studios will distribute the film in the Nordics in December 2022.

Described as a mix between “X-Files” and “Stranger Things,” “UFO Sweden” is set in a small town and follows a teenage rebel placed in foster care, who suspects that her father is not dead, but has been kidnapped by UFOs. With the help from a UFO association, she is determined to find out the truth.

Crazy Pictures got the idea for the film after learning about UFO-Sweden, which investigates mysterious phenomena and manages the world’s largest UFO archive, Archives for the Unexplained in Norrköping, Sweden.

“We understood that they were working on investigating and researching unexplained phenomena and were completely taken by this,” said Olle Tholén at Crazy Pictures.

“We felt a huge fascination for UFO-Sweden as an association, but also for the world filled with UFO expeditions, mysterious phenomena and giant archives that surround the association. Of course, we could not help but think, ‘What if they find something?'” added Tholén.

Victor Danell at Crazy Pictures said “‘UFO Sweden’ will be an exciting mystery, as spectacular as human, which we hope will make the audience both smile and shiver of excitement.”

“UFO Sweden” is currently in pre-production and will start shooting in Norrköping, Sweden, in September. SF Studios previously distributed Crazy Pictures’ “The Unthinkable,” which sold to over 100 countries and was a local box office hit. SVT and Film i Väst are also co-producing “UFO Sweden.”

Reinvent Studios CEO Rikke Ennis said the company “understood immediately that this is a completely unique project that will sell internationally” after reading the script. “We have great faith in Crazy Pictures and that they will deliver a commercial, moving and action-packed film with global potential,” said Ennis.