A new version of the Don Quixote yarn will be tilting at U.K. box office windmills soon.

London-based international sales outfit The Mise En Scène Company (MSC) has secured a U.K. distribution deal with Signature Entertainment for “The True Don Quixote.”

The film is a modern adaptation of the classic Cervantes novel from 1605 but set in the wilds of Louisiana, where Quixote dons makeshift armour and trades his half-starved horse Rocinante for a rusty old Vespa.

Tim Blake Nelson (“The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs”) plays Quixote, and the cast also includes Jacob Batalon (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) as his sidekick Sancho Panza, as well as Brandon Stacy (“The Big Short”) and Ann Mahoney (“The Walking Dead”).

The film is the directorial debut of Chris Poché, whose writing credits include “Kung Fu Panda,” “Charlotte’s Web” and “Smallfoot.”

The deal was negotiated between MSC’s Paul Yates and Signature’s acquisitions and development executive Katie Wilkinson.

“We’re delighted that ‘The True Don Quixote’ has found such a respectable home in the U.K.,” Yates said. “We’re really excited to be working with the team at Signature who have a career history in excellence. The passion and creativity that their company can bring to the table on this film is only equal to our own; it means a great deal to us and the producers to have found a distributor who believes in the film and its potential in the same way we do.”

MSC was formed in March 2020 during the first lockdown in London and launched its first slate at the AFM last November. The founders Paul S.L. Yates and Netto Fernandes were able to fully launch the company thanks to the U.K government’s furlough scheme, and have since expanded their slate and staff.

Sorin Baluta, MSC’s deliverables coordinator, said: “It’s very exciting to be a part of building a company from the ground up like this. We’re getting more and more projects coming to us every day and it really feels like we’re tapping into something creatively from the U.S. To be building a company during the pandemic feels as if we’re climbing a mountain in the midst of a blizzard whilst everyone else is taking shelter, but when that storm clears, we’ll be halfway up the mountain.”

Signature Entertainment will release the film in the U.K. in the third quarter of 2021. MSC is lining up global distribution.