TF1 Studio, a label of Newen Connect, has signed an exclusive international distribution deal with UGC Images, a subsidiary of Europe’s second-biggest cinema circuit.

Under the agreement, TF1 Studio, whose sales team is headed by Sabine Chemaly, handles international sales on new films from UGC Images and its large library of more than 100 titles, including “Amelie,” the cult French movie celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The pact, which kicked off Jan. 1, will also allow UGC Images to distribute in theaters between six and eight movies from TF1 Studios every year.

UGC Images previously had a similar deal with Orange Studio, but had previously worked with TF1 Studio. UGC Images and TF1 Studio also partnered up on the hit comedy “Serial (Bad) Weddings,” which grossed $175 million worldwide.

“We are eager to work with TF1 Studio again. Thanks to their skills and knowledge of the market, our own productions and acquisitions will be in very good hands to meet the audience worldwide,” said Henri Ernst, head of distribution of UGC Distribution. Ernst also said UGC Images’s team “will do their best to launch their movies properly.”

Sabine Chemaly, executive VP of international distribution at TF1 Studio, said the company was “very much looking forward to the future and (their) upcoming films together.”

“UGC is a partner we have been working with for a very long time and with whom we are sharing the same DNA: entertainment, laughter and making the audience feel happy,” said Chemaly.

The two outfits joined forces on a pair of upcoming mainstream French comedies: “We Are Family” and “Who’s That Granny?” that are part of a franchise.

“When Granny Meets Grandpa,” the third instalment in the franchise, is expected to be released in theaters this summer, and TF1 Studio will launch sales at the virtual EFM.