TF1 Studio has unveiled a raft of major pre-sales on “Superwho,” an action-packed comedy directed by Philippe Lacheau, in the run up to the Pre-Cannes Screenings, where the film will have its virtual world premiere on June 23.

Lacheau, who stars in his movie, is behind some of France’s biggest comedy hits in recent history, including the “Babysitting” franchise, “Alibi.com,” “City Hunter,” “All Gone South,” as well as Amazon’s French adaptation of “LOL.”

TFI Studio has closed about 100 territories since introducing the project to buyers at the EFM, including Germany (Splendid), Japan (New Select), Latin America (BF Distribution), South Korea (Activers), Benelux (Alternative Films), Switzerland (Pathé), Taiwan (Moviecloud), CEI (Exponenta), Portugal (Lusomundo), Poland (Monolith), Southeast Europe (Prorom), Middle East & North Africa (Nstars) and Vietnam (Viettel Media Company).

Lacheau headlines the film along with his regular co-stars, Tarek Boudali, the actor-director of “30 Days Max,” Julien Arruti and Elodie Fontan. Chantal Ladesou and Jean-Hugues Anglade have also joined the cast.

“Superwho” follows Cedric, a struggling actor who seems doomed to lead the life of a loser. He’s penniless and his girlfriend has abandoned him. When he finally gets a lead role as a superhero named “Badman,” he feels like everything is possible but fate strikes again.

Produced by Cinefrance, the movie will be released in France by Studiocanal on Oct. 20. During the Pre-Cannes Screenings, the sales team of TF1 Studio, which is headed by Sabine Chemaly, will also be repping several high-concept comedies, including “Dancing On,” and “When Granny Meets Grandpa.”

TF1 Studio will also start selling a pair of comedies from UGC, with whom the company recently signed a partnership. These are “Two Much for The Job” with Melha Bedia, Audrey Fleurot and François Berleand, and “Price of Parenting,” starring Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon and Marilou Berry.