Taskovski Films Picks Up IDFA Titles ‘Where Are We Headed,’ ‘For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Taskovski Picks Up 'Where Are We Headed,' 'For Your Peace of Mind'
Courtesy of Pinery

Taskovski Films has acquired two further documentaries: Ruslan Fedotov’s “Where Are We Headed,” which plays in International Competition at IDFA, and Pilar Moreno and Ana Endara Mislov’s “For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum,” which plays in the festival’s Envision Competition. The sales agency recently picked up “Turn Your Body to the Sun,” which world premieres in the International Competition section of IDFA.

“Where Are We Headed” is a year-long study of Russia’s capital conducted in the Moscow Metro, and captures the day-to-day life of ordinary city dwellers as well as momentous national occasions. “It is a study with elements of absurdist tragicomedy, with no central characters; instead, it is a wide-angle portrait of society with all the joys and challenges that it entails,” Taskovski commented.

The producers are Fedotov, Nastia Korkia, Matvey Fiks and Simon Zakruzhnyy for Pinery.

Fedotov’s first movie “Salamanca” was premiered at IDFA in the Mid-Length Competition in 2015. His second “Songs for Kit” was also selected for the festival’s Mid-Length Competition.

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Courtesy of Mansa Productora

“For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum” focuses on a village in the middle of nowhere, inhabited by an old woman named Senobia Cerrud. Many years ago she decided to transform her house into The Museum of Antiquities of All Species. She lives on in her museum surrounded by the fantastic world she created with her writings, her creations and imaginations.

Moreno is a visual artist. “For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum” is a film born out of her interest in art produced outside the art system. It is her first documentary, which she directed with filmmaker Endara Mislov. Previously, she was a screenwriter of “The Joy of Sound” and was producer of “Reinas.”

Endara Mislov’s 2016 documentary “The Joy of Sound” premiered in the IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary. Together with her previous films “Curundú” (2007) and “Reinas” (2013), her work shares different perspectives on Panamanian society, raising intriguing questions, and exploring a sense of belonging.

The producer is Isabella Galvez Peñafiel for Mansa Productora.

Taskovski Films CEO Irena Taskovski said: “Taskovski Films proudly presents another two outstanding titles by debut filmmakers with a fresh and visionary approach to the documentary genre that will compete at IDFA 2021 edition. Our brand new lineup confirms the strong dedication to extraordinary talents with both topical and creative content, always able to surprise and shake the world of contemporary documentary cinema.”