Three of Spain’s most prominent international sales agencies have banded together to form a new association, VICA.

Filmax, Film Factory and Latido, who together represent the largest volume of cinematic content produced in Spain, point to key factors that propelled them to form the new alliance. Among them is the ongoing changes in consumer viewing habits and legislation, which the pandemic has only accelerated.

Latido’s Antonio Saura will preside over the new org; Film Factory founder Vicente Canales serves as vice president while Filmax head of international, Ivan Diaz, serves as treasurer.

“International sales agencies represented by VICA have played a key role in the positive perception of Spanish film and TV around the world,” they declared in a joint statement.

They added: “Their catalogs are extremely varied and they have driven various initiatives that have given a wide-range of films access to markets that would have previously been inaccessible to them.”

Given their role in contributing to the promotion and distribution of Spanish films abroad, they see it important to present a united voice in forums, debates and before any legislative initiatives put forward.

“VICA was founded with the will to establish a close dialogue with all the public and private institutions, as well as with all other associations in the sector, but also with the desire to defend the interests of its associates in those legal aspects that we believe to be relevant to the national industry,” they said, adding that it was not “founded with confrontation in mind, but rather with a wish to collaborate.”