Tapping a widely successful genre, Sony Pictures Int’l Productions (SPIP) is producing the musical romantic comedy “Voy a pasarmelo bien” (“I’m Going to Have A Good Time”) in association with transatlantic production powerhouse, El Estudio and Spanish pop rock band Hombres G.

The film is inspired by the music of the iconic band which rose to prominence in the ‘80s with their Beatles and British new wave-influenced music.

Based in Madrid, Hombres G is formed by David Summers, Dani Mezquita, Rafa Gutiérrez and Javi Molina who have published 12 studio albums to date and sold more than 20 million records internationally. Among their multiple achievements are an Honorary Grammy Award from the Latin Recording Academy and Spain’s Gold Medal to the Fine Arts.

SPIP has also acquired the worldwide distribution rights, with Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia to release the film theatrically in Spain in 2022.

Following its theatrical window in Spain, Prime Video has acquired exclusive streaming rights to the film during the first five years, after which these rights will be shared with Spanish broadcaster RTVE.

David Serrano, director of such comedies as “Football Days,” and Spanish musicals “Hoy no me puedo levantar” and “Billy Elliot,” helms the pic from a screenplay he co-wrote with actress-scribe Luz Cipriota, with El Estudio co-founder Enrique López-Lavigne producing.

“Enrique and I have discussed making a musical together for several years now,” said Serrano, adding: “We both have a deep love for the genre and when Enrique proposed making a musical to me again, I put the two pieces together: We are going to make a musical with children where I would tell a story about the things I experienced at that age.”

“And if this was going to be a film about my time as a 12-year-old, the songs needed to be, almost exclusively, from Hombres G,” he asserted.

The story begins in September 1989 where primary schoolkids David and Layla bond over their obsession with Hombres G. They become inseparable as they sing and dance to the popular band’s songs but David’s attempts to take their relationship a step further doesn’t pan out. Cut to 25 years later in September 2021, Layla has become a prominent Oscar-winning film director but David hasn’t fared too well. Layla is back in their hometown where they will spend a week together and try to recapture the fun and magic of their youth. Three-time Goya winner Raúl Arévalo plays the older David while theatrical actor Izan Fernández (“Libertad,” musical “El Rey León”) makes his big screen debut as young David.

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Voy a Pasarmelo Bien Credit : Jorge Alvariño

“A cassette tape with songs from Hombres G is the foundation for this musical set in the ‘80s, which also brings to life a familial comedy and romantic melodrama,” said López-Lavigne.

“The film follows two timelines that connect David and Layla over the course of 25 years, from the first kiss, the first song and the first dance. The script caught my eye and since reading it – and with the participation and support of my adolescent heroes, los Hombres G – we never stopped until we made it into a reality. It’s a dream come true,” he added.

Summers, the band’s vocalist, concurred: “This is a fascinating project that comes to our lives after almost 40 years offering songs that have transcended throughout various generations and that continue to transmit positive energy and emphasize that life can truly be understood through love, humor and music.”

Describing it a beautiful relatable film “filled with tenderness and humor, intertwined with some of the best hits from Hombres G,” Summers added: “This has always been a dream of mine and with the help of my friends it has become a reality. And no other feeling can compare to this, nor is there anything else as gratifying and marvelous as making your dream come true.”

“This film is truly a special cinematic experience with a great story line intertwined with an energetic pop-rock soundtrack,” said Shebnem Askin, co-head of Sony Pictures International Productions.

“Voy a Pasarmelo Bien” is a co-production with Les Parapluies Rochefort AIE and Paraíso Torres de Satélite.

El Estudio co-founders/partners López Lavigne, Diego Suárez Chialvo and Pablo Cruz will be producing for El Estudio, along with the band members of Hombres G. Pilar Robla executive produces.

With offices in México, Los Angeles, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. El Estudio’s credits include comedy “Pena Ajena” (Pantaya), unscripted hit “Las Crónicas del Taco” (Netflix), the docu-reality “Being Pampita” (Paramount Plus), and the multi-awarded feature film “El Baile de los 41” (Cinepolis, Netflix).

SPIP, co-headed by Askin and Michael Rifkin since July 2021, is the local-language production arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group that releases over 30 films annually across 12 territories worldwide. Recent co-production releases include Spain’s “Padre No Hay Mas Que Uno,” Japan’s “Kingdom,” Germany’s “25 km/h” and India’s “Padman.”

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Voy a Pasarmelo Bien Credit : Jorge Alvariño