Paradox, SF Studios’ Norwegian production company, is set to produce “Quisling,” a period psychological drama about Vidkun Quisling, the former Prime Minister of Norway who was a notorious Nazi collaborator during World War II.

The film will be directed by Erik Poppe, the acclaimed director of “The Emigrants,” “King’s Choice” and “Utøya: July 22,” who is also one of the founders of Paradox.

In the aftermath of World War II, Quisling was put on trial and executed for his collaboration with Nazis. Since his death, the word “Quisling” is used in Scandinavian and English language to describe a “collaborator” and “traitor.”

“Telling this dramatic chapter in our history is a mission we take very seriously, and we believe cinema is the best way to tell it. It was an intense psychological drama and a thriller that unfolded these days in 1945,” said Finn Gjerdum, who is producing the film with Stein B. Kvae at Paradox. The film will start production at the end of the year.

“The parallels to what created and drove Quisling and forces in our present time are frightening,” added Gjerdum.

Asle Vatn, a film consultant at the Norwegian Film Institute which is supporting the project, said “Quisling” was Erik Poppe and Paradox’s third film in a trilogy shedding light on “fragile” democracies.

“This time they want to focus on the abuser’s thoughts and motives. The strong script is based on thorough research and is based on previously unknown and unique sources,” said Vatn.

The executive pointed out “Quisling” still provokes debates in Norway and abroad 75 years after the man’s death.

SF Studios will handle Nordic distribution.