SF Studios is teaming up with “Easy Money” screenwriter Maria Karlsson on “The Stockholm Bloodbath,” an epic film
inspired by the true story of Kristina Gyllenstierna, a fearless woman who fought to protect Stockholm when the Danes invaded the city in 1520.

“The Stockholm Bloodbath” refers to a lesser-known, dark chapter in Scandinavian history when the three-day coronation ceremony for the Danish king Christian II became one of Sweden’s most violent power struggles. During this turmoil, the Danish king ordered the execution of many figures of the Swedish nobility.

Currently at script stage, “The Stockholm Bloodbath” will mark yet another big-budget, internationally-driven epic film on SF Studios’s production and distribution slate. The Scandinavian powerhouse recently wrapped the productions of “Margrete – Queen of the North” and “The Emigrants,” two highly anticipated historical dramas which will be teased at Goteborg’s virtual Nordic Film Market. Both films will be released in the fall or winter of 2021.

SF Studios expects to start shooting “The Stockholm Bloodbath” in 2023 and will distribute the film across the Nordics.

“It’s time to give the audience a big movie – action, betrayal, love, power struggle! All with a pregnant mother with small children in the center,” said Yaba Holst, the head of Nordic acquisition at SF Studios. “‘The Stockholm Bloodbath’ is exactly what we are looking for and Maria’s excellent screenwriting will not disappoint anyone,” added Holst.

Annika Sucksdorff, the head of film production in Sweden at SF Studios, described “The Stockholm Bloodbath” as a “gigantic project that will take years of hard work.”

Besides the “Easy Money” film trilogy, Karlsson also previously penned the TV series “The Lawyer” and “Blinded.” The script of “The Stockholm Bloodbath” has benefited from the Swedish Film Institute’s scheme to support female screenwriters’ work on big budget films.

Speaking about the project, Karlsson said she was surprised that “no one has made a film before about this spectacular, unique and completely horrifying event – one of perhaps the most important events in Nordic history.”

“It is ‘the real red wedding’ – with Kristina Gyllenstierna, a 28-year-old pregnant mother of five, in the lead role,” added the screenwriter.