REinvent International Sales has closed a raft of deals across its slate of family movies, including “A Christmas Tale,” “Twigson and the Sea Monster” and “Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent.”

“Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent,” directed by Amanda Adolfsson, has been sold to the U.S. and Canada (Janson Media), Russia and CIS (Volga Films), Poland (Vivarto), Japan (New Select) and Estonia (Estin Film).

The movie was selected at this year’s Berlinale in the Generation Kplus competition and previously won two Swedish Guldbagge awards. The film stars promising newcomer Matilda Gross as Nelly, an 11-year old girl who is about to spend the fall vacation with her uncle Hannibal and her beloved dog London. It turns out that Hannibal does not live the quiet life she thought and is in fact a monster agent. The cast includes Johan Rheborg, Björn Gustafsson, Lily Wahlsteen and Marianne Mörck. “Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent” was produced by Jon Nohrstedt and Niklas Larsson at SF Studios.

“A Christmas Tale,” directed by Hannes Holm’s (“A Man Called Ove”), has been sold to Hungary and Czech Reupblic (Vertigo Media).

The movie is based on Tage Danielsson’s bestselling book “A Swedish Christmas Tale” and takes place in a Swedish town in the 1940’s. “A Christmas Tale” revolves around a young man working at a large department store who decides to hide away Christmas packages from rich people to gift underprivileged people.

“A Christmas Tale” stars Simon Larson, Jonas Karlsson (“Quick”) and Jennie Silfverhjelm (“Beck”). Henrik Widman and Anna Odenhall produced the film at SF Studios.

“Twigson and the Sea Monster,” meanwhile, has been sold to The Netherlands (NPB). The movie weaves live action and animation and follows children who are on holiday with their Aunt Thea to a magical island where they have to face a mysterious sea worm. “Twigson and the Sea Monster” was directed by Tove Undheim and produced by SF Studios.

REinvent International Sales’ roster includes Erik Poppe’s “The Emigrants,” Bille August’s “The Pact” and Aku Louhimies’s “Omerta 6/12.”