Reel Suspects Acquires Renata Pinheiro’s Sci-Fi Thriller ‘King Car’ (EXCLUSIVE)

King Car
Reel Suspects

Reel Suspects has acquired world rights to Renata Pinheiro’s sci-fi thriller “King Car,” which recently world premiered at Rotterdam in the big screen competition.

The elevated genre movie revolves around Ninho, the son of a taxi company owner who has an extraordinary connection with cars and can talk to them. Ninho became friends with the car that saved him from a traffic accident as a child, and now he can also hear the old wrecks complain about the law banning them from the roads. Together with his uncle, Ninho converts the write-offs into futuristic vehicles with consciousness.

Reel Suspects will be handling international on the film outside of Brazil. The movie stars Luciano Pedro Jr, Jules Elting, Clara Pinheiro and Adelio Lima, among others. “King Car” was produced by Sérgio Oliveira.

“With its retro-futuristic cars and ecological tale, [‘King Car’] shows that Brazilian genre cinema is something to keep a close eye on in the middle of its political turmoil,” said Matteo Lovadina at Reel Suspects.

“Brazilian genre cinema has never been as prolific and interesting as today and [‘King Car’], with its steam punk and political stance, is a great example of this,” said Reel Suspects boss Matteo Lovadina.

Reel Suspects’ slate of genre movies includes Maximiliano Contenti’s Uruguayan horror movie “Al Morir la Matinée,” and Anthony Scott Burns’s Canadian science fiction thriller “Come True.” Other films repped by Reel Suspects include “The Three,” directed by critically acclaimed Armenian-Russian filmmaker Anna Melikyan, and Marat Sargsyan’s feature debut “The Flood Won’t Come.”