“Petit,” the best series winner at May’s Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards, will have a third season.

Employing 2D cutout animation, the third season will have 26 episodes more episodes, bringing the current total episode count to 65.

The short format will again be backed by Chilean production house  Pájaro, Colombian public broadcaster Señal Colombia, Argentine kids TV channel Paka Paka and Non Stop. Also boarding as co-production partners for season three are Barcelona animation studio Wknd, and Spanish state TV networks TVE and TV3.

Targeting pre-schoolers, “Petit” is the fifth animated show directed by Chile’s Bernardita Ojeda (“Hostal Morrisson,” “Zumbastico Fantástico”). Director (“How Most Things Work”) and scriptwriter Fernando Salem pens the scripts; Gustavo Pomeranec (Fernando Spiner’ “Six Shooters”) and Simón Ramírez Vera lead the animation team.

“‘Petit’ is a series where kids can feel represented. It is creative, original and funny. We think it will be a great success on Clan,” TVE Head of Kids Content Yago Fandiño told Variety, referring to TVE’s kids channel.

The series is based on the book “Petit, the Monster” by Argentine author Isol Misenta, which in 2013 won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, a  prestigious Swiss prize for children’s literature. The first season of “Petit” was already nominated for the Quirino and 2019 International Emmy Kids Awards, and selected for France’s Annecy Intl. Animation Festival.

“Petit” creator Ojeda, who founded Pájaro, explained that the series is visually defined by the style of the original book: “bare, colored backgrounds that continue off the lines, nervous and vivid strokes that preserve the freshness of children’s own drawings.”

“Petit” is told from the point of view of children, inviting them to reflect with humor on the world around them. “It respects them, considers them and laughs with them about the world we adults have created,” Ojeda said. Explaining its success with not only children but also adults, he adds: “The series taps into the large wisdom and spark that children have and adults lose at some unknown point.”

The third season episodes will be driven by questions such as: Why does everything teach us something? What is my talent? Does having glasses give you superpowers? What if parents become kids for a day?

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“Petit” concept art Credit: Pajaro