“Nahuel and the Magic Book” and “A Costume for Nicholas” and TV shows “Petit Season 2” and “I, Elvis Riboldi,” are nominated for the 4th Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards.

The Awards will be held in the Spanish Canary Island city of La Laguna, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife over May 27-29.

Targeting family audiences, German Acuña’s fantasy movie “Nahuel and the Magic Book” is produced by Chile’s Carburadores, Brazil’s Levante Films and Chile’s Punkrobot, which won a best animated short Academy Award for “Bear Story.” Sold by Spain’s Latido Films, it mixes adventure, myths and legends from the Southern Chilean island of Chiloé while telling the story of a Nahuel, 12, who has a deep fear of the sea. When his father is captured by a malignant sorcerer, he sets out to rescue him, overcoming his fears along the way.

Eduardo Rivero’s “A Costume for Nicholas” marks the sophomore outing from Mexico’s Fotosintesis Media, the label founded by Mantarraya Group and writer-director Miguel Uriegas. It centers on Nicolas, a 10-year-old orphan with Down syndrome who on his birthdays receives from his mom some costumes which, when his mother passes away, he discovers to be magical. They will help Nicholas’ cousin, David, overcome his nightmares.

Other nominated features take in Eric Cabello Díaz’s “Xico’s Journey” and Leopoldo Aguilar’s “Cranston Academy: Monster Zone,” both produced in México.

In all, 24 works compete in nine categories. Spain leads the pack with nine nominations, though Mexico dominates the four-title best feature category with three nods. Mexico has scored six nominations in all.

Another major animation power in Latin America, Chile, follows with four nominations. Nominations include works from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Portugal.

Bernardita Ojeda’s “Petit Season 2” marks the newest installment from an animated TV series which was also nominated in 2019 for both the Quirinos and 8th International Emmy Awards.

Produced by Chile’s Pájaro, Argentina’s Paka Paka and Señal Colombia, it turns on the adventures of an innocent child, who is a sweet, fun, full of energy and adorable but also extremely naughty.

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A Costume for Nicholas Courtesy of Quirino Awards

Produced by Spain’s Peekaboo Animation, Insomne Animation Studio, and Wuji House and France’s Watch Next Media, Javier Galán and Raphaël Lamarque’s “I, Elvis Riboldi” centers on a kid whose efforts to solve a problem only make them bigger and bigger. It has been distributed to over 130 territories.

Other nominated series include Alex Cervantes’ “The Zurf” (Spain) and Andrés Lieban, Alessandro Monnerat’s “Count on Me” (Brazil).

Aside from an increase in titles’ general production values, the lineup also registers a hike in its number of first works, as Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese talent pools swell.

Quirino winners will be at a May 29 ceremony. There Cuban director and illustrator Juan Padrón, whose creations include “Elpidio Valdés contra dólar y cañón,” shorts series “Quinoscope” and the memorable characters such as Colonel Valdés and General Resoplez, will be the subject of a posthumous homage. Padrón died in March 2020.

The Quirino Awards will host a Co-Production and Business Forum over May 27-29.

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I, Elvis Ribold Courtesy of Quirino Awards



“Xico’s Journey,” (Eric Cabello Díaz, Mexico)

“A Costume for Nicholas,” (Eduardo Rivero, Mexico)

“Cranston Academy: Monster Zone,”  (Leopoldo Aguilar, Mexico)

“Nahuel and the Magic Book,” (Germán Acuña, Chile, Brazil)


“Count on Me,” (Andrés Lieban, Alessandro Monnerat, Brazil)

“Petit Season 2,” (Bernardita Ojeda, Chile, Argentina, Colombia)

“I, Elvis Riboldi,” (Javier Galán, Raphaël Lamarque, Spain, France)

“The Zurf,” (Alex Cervantes, Spain)


“Elo,” (Alexandra Ramires,  Portugal, France)

“Homeless Home,” (Alberto Vázquez, Spain, France)

“Roberto,” (Carmen Córdoba González, Spain)


“La Bestia,” (Ram Tamez, México, France)

“Memories for Sale,” (Manuel Lopez, Costa Rica)

“Le retour des vagues,” (Alejandra Guevara Cervera, Mexico, Portugal, France)


“Pixelatl 2020,” (Francisco Zamudio, México)

“Rutas,” (Alejandro Imondi, Argentina)

“Stormzy – Superheroes,” (Taz Tron Delix, Argentina, U.K.)


“Adore,” (Brazil)

“GYLT,” (Spain)

“El niño antimateria,” (Argentina)


“Elo,” (Portugal, France)

“Petit Season 2,” (Chile, Argentina, Colombia)

“Wayback,” (Spain)


“Homeless Home,”  (Spain, France)

“Nahuel and the Magic Book,” (Chile, Brazil)

“Umbrellas,” (Spain, France)

“Wayback,” (Spain)


“Alebrijes,” (Colombia)

“Loop,” (Spain,  Argentina)

“Wayback,” (Spain)