Romain Quirot’s “Paul W.R.’s Last Journey,” an ambitious film mixing science fiction with an ecological tale, has been sold by Kinology to major distributors, including Samuel Goldwyn Films in North America.

Represented in international markets by Kinology, the high-concept French-language movie has also been acquired by Altitude in the U.K., Notorious in Italy, Eurovideo in Germany, Monolith in Poland, Capella in CIS and Blitz in ex-Yugoslavia. Kinology, which had three movies in competition at Cannes including Leos Carax’s “Annette,” is negotiating deals in several other territories.

Set in a near-future marked by ecological havoc, a mysterious red moon heads straight to Earth. Paul W.R., the only astronaut capable of saving mankind, discovers the secret behind the red moon and the reason why it must not be destroyed. Relentlessly hunted down, Paul encounters Elma, a feisty teenage girl who follows him on his quest for truth.

Grégoire Melin, Kinology’s boss, pointed out the movie sold more than 100,000 tickets in May when theaters reopened with limited seating capacity and topped sales on iTunes. “Paul W.R.’s Last Journey” stars Hugo Becker, Jean Reno, Lya Oussadit-Lessert and Paul Hamy.

Produced by Fannie Pailloux and David Danesi, “Paul W.R.’s Last Journey” won Sitges’ best film award last year.

Quirot has been praised by critics for creating a daring film that pays tribute to 1980s films, and seems inspired by movies such as “Ready Player One,” “Blade Runner” and “Mad Max,” among many others. The up-and-coming helmer is now developing his second feature.