Explosive sexual misconduct and harassment allegations against “Bulletproof” actor Noel Clarke have sent shockwaves across the U.K. industry, with anger, sadness and in some cases relief expressed by prominent figures responding to a bombshell Guardian investigation published on Thursday evening.

“I May Destroy You” creator and star Michaela Coel was among the first high-profile figures to respond. The actor issued a statement on the allegations against Noel Clarke on Friday morning.

“I am here to support great support for the 20 brave women who have come forward; those who have shared their identities with us, but also those who have preferred to use an alias; the mental hurdles a black woman must overcome to do such a thing as reveal their identity within a narrative of rape abuse or bullying at the hands of someone within our own community can sometimes be too much.” said Coel.

“Speaking out about these incidents takes a lot of strength because some call them ‘grey areas.’ These are however far from grey. These behaviours are unprofessional, violent and can destroy a person’s perception of themselves, their place in the world and their career irreparably. I have shared to show solidarity, to express my belief in them and to stand with them in their indignation.”

Coel goes on to applaud the Guardian and its journalists.

The outlet revealed on Thursday in an extensive investigation numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment and bullying by BAFTA-winning actor and filmmaker Noel Clarke, who has denied all but one of numerous allegations. BAFTA has since suspended his membership and his awards.

Elsewhere, Times Up U.K. has also issued a statement on the matter.

“Times Up U.K. is live and alert to the types of behaviors and alleged serious misconduct raised in The Guardian regarding Noel Clarke, behaviors which have for so long gone unchecked, behaviors which have preyed on young talent especially when they are at their most vulnerable,” the organization stated.

“It is this type of predatory behaviour, so prevalent in the industry, which has led Times Up U.K. together with our industry partners, to develop a set of safety guidelines to help people working in entertainment understand that they have rights, they have rights in auditions, they have rights when filming intimate scenes, and they have a right to report sexual harassment and misconduct, free from prejudice and fear.”

Alongside Coel, other actors like “Skins” star Kaya Scodelario also didn’t hold back in responding to the allegations, and taking particular issue with the naked auditions that allegedly took place on Clarke’s productions.

“I had a audition for a job a few years ago,” tweeted “Skins” actor Kaya Scodelario. “It said ‘she just needs to come in. Take her clothes off and that’s all’. I was terrified. Luckily I have an agent who swiftly said there was no way that was going to happen. This was a big movie. A big director. A big ‘opportunity.’”

“Just in case anyone needs to be reminded in the wake of the allegations today, not only should sexual harassment and abuse never be tolerated, but there is absolutely no artistic reason ever to ask anyone to do a #nakedaudition,” tweeted Women in Film & TV U.K. chair Liz Tucker.

Meanwhile, creative industries union Bectu issued a statement on the allegations against Clarke in a series of tweets. “The allegations in The Guardian this evening concerning Noel Clarke are extremely serious,” said Bectu. “It takes huge courage to speak out and these women have our solidarity.”

“We welcome that Bafta have suspended Noel Clarke, but this cannot be the end of the matter and the allegations must be urgently investigated with lessons learned for the whole industry.”

“Abuse of power is never acceptable and the industry must be clear and swift in its response to substantiated complaints. We are seeking a meeting with Bafta urgently,” Bectu concluded.

“The U.K. film industry’s best kept secret for years! If in doubt, trust me, it’s true. Why would 20 women put themselves through reliving their traumas to bring down an actor who isn’t even a household name? He’s a sexual predator #stoppable #noelclarke,” tweeted “Line of Duty” actor Christina Chong.

Author Zoe Margolis tweeted: “Why are men always f**king doing this to the women they work with? The British film industry needs a #MeToo awakening to stop these predatory men from operating in plain sight. No excuses: time’s up for this s**t.”

“The sheer AMOUNT of women affected and the VAST numbers of sexual abuse, harrassment and bullying allegations in this piece about Clarke are so shocking. My god. My f***ing GOD,” Margolis added.

“There are going to be more, you know. There’s always more. When women see other women being brave and telling their truths, they gain confidence to put themselves out there too. Sending solidarity to all women: I believe you – because, like so many of us, I’ve also been you,” Margolis said.

“For real though, I commend the brave women who spoke out. That couldn’t have been easy at all given the bullying, coercion and threats. My lord,” tweeted Candice Carty-Williams, bestselling author of “Queenie.”

“I am so upset about this,” tweeted journalist and Variety contributor Hanna Ines Flint. “I have always rooted for Noel Clarke, for what he stood for and what he contributed. I am so disappointed. Love to the women who shared their truth.”