International sales agency Bleiberg Entertainment is representing Shogun Films’ action revenge movie “Renegades” and will introduce it to buyers at the online American Film Market (Nov. 1-5).

Directed by action movie veteran Daniel Zirilli, the film recently wrapped in London and stars Nick Moran (“Avengement”), Lee Majors (“The Fall Guy”), Danny Trejo (“Machete”), Louis Mandylor (“Debt Collectors”) and Ian Ogilvy (“We Still Kill The Old Way”).

“Renegades” follows a group of Special Forces veterans who come together to avenge a fallen comrade – a former green beret, who is murdered in London by a ruthless drugs gang.

The cast also includes Patsy Kensit (“Lethal Weapon 2”), Billy Murray (“Rise of the Footsoldier”), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (“Nemesis”), Michael Paré (“Hollow Point”) Paul Barber (“The Full Monty”), Stephanie Beacham (“Dynasty”) and — in one of his last roles — Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (“The Fifth Element”).

The film marks the first in a Zirilli-directed slate of action-based Shogun genre films. It was shot on location in the U.S. and U.K. from a screenplay by Tom Jolliffe based on a story by Jolliffe and producer Jonathan Sothcott.

The film was financed through a combination of private equity and from Samahoma Media Advisors who negotiated finance from Insight Media Fund. Executive producers include Bob Clarke and Gareth Jones.

Sothcott said: “Our USP is making better films in this space because we value and love the genre and Daniel Zirilli is a key part of this – he’s a very talented, film-literate director and he knows his way around this market as well as any filmmaker – and like me he really cares about the material.”

Zirilli said: “Directing this incredible ensemble cast in the streets of London was a dream come true. I’ve made many action films, but the level of acting talent, story and beautiful locations, puts ‘Renegades’ on the next level for me.”

Bleiberg president Nick Donermeyer added: “This is a slick, explosive action picture that will satisfy audiences worldwide.”

The Shogun/Zirilli slate includes mall siege thriller “Crossfire,” written by Chad Law and Josh Ridgway, unconventional cop team-up “Crackdown” from Jolliffe and retirement home-set 80s action movie love letter “Assault On Hazard Rock,” also penned by Law and Ridgway from an idea by David Gregory. Shogun also has mafia revenge thriller “Eyewitness” in development.