Reason8 is prepared to make moves at the upcoming Locarno Film Festival.

The London-based sales and production outfit has secured the international sales rights to Russian drama “Medea.” Reason8 will be on the ground in Switzerland ahead of the film’s premiere on Aug. 9, looking to drum up interest for the feature which hails from “Target” director Aleksandr Zeldovich.

The film incorporates elements of the titular mythical Greek figure, centering around a woman (played by Tina Dalakishvili) who commits a grave crime for the sake of her future with the father of her two children. However, this crime causes him to withdraw from her. Feeling betrayed for having paid an enormous price for happiness, Medea tries to fill the void with sex and religion; but resentment drives her to revenge.

“We were immediately impressed by the emotional electricity of Aleksandr’s film which will no doubt resonate with international audienceS and are looking forward to working on its global marketing and distribution strategy,” said Denis Krupnov, co-founder and co-managing director at Reason8.

According to Zeldovich, “Medea” transfers the Pagan myth of Circe’s niece to the Holy Land in an attempt to “at once acknowledge its original theme of emigration” and to add “intensity and dynamism to the narrative.”

“I’m happy that ‘Medea’ will have its world premiere and meet its first audience in Locarno next month. The film is starting its journey to the audience and I’m glad to be in partnership with Reason8 who will lead the way,” Zeldovich said of the deal.

“Medea” also stars Russian actor Evgeny Tsyganov, whose previous credits include the Oscar-nominated “Mermaid” and 2018 Venice entry “The Man Who Surprised Everyone.”