“The Pilot. A Battle for Survival” (Central Partnership)
Producers: Renat Davletyarov, Vlad Ryashin
Synopsis: December 1941, Northwestern Front. A German tank column is moving toward Moscow. During a mission to halt the enemy’s advance, Soviet pilot Nikolai Komlev’s plane is shot down behind enemy lines. Battling hunger and cold while evading packs of wolves and detachments of Nazi soldiers, the wounded pilot finally makes it back to safety. But there he faces another challenge, which will prove to be the most life-changing of all.

“The World Champion” (Central Partnership)
Producers: Alexey Sidorov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Rafael Minasbekyan, Leonid Vereshschagin
Synopsis: Some sporting triumphs are about more than just claiming a title. Some of them go down in history. A drama based on the legendary 1978 chess match between Soviet world champion Anatoly Karpov and the dissident Viktor Korchnoi. In this battle between two outstanding chess players (pictured), a duel of personalities under immense psychological pressure, the stakes are incomprehensibly high.

“Fib the Truth” (All Media Company)
Producers: George Shabanov, Olga Akatyeva, Tatiana Trenina
Synopsis: A loving couple’s romantic weekend is suddenly interrupted by an unexpected arrival. Each character has their own plans for the weekend, but all are pawns in a cruel and deadly game. Love in the air changes to burning passion, innocent flirting arouses overwhelming jealousy. And they are all in mortal danger.

“Battle” (Art Pictures Distribution)
Producer: Fedor Bondarchuk
Synopsis: A documentary that presents its protagonist, Sergei Bondarchuk, as a universal, primordial cinematic force, akin to a reincarnation of Orson Welles. Simultaneously a great and terrible actor and director, and a genuine force of nature who was born with the sole purpose of leaving his mark on the world of cinema.

“Wings Over Berlin” (Planeta Inform)
Producer: Konstantin Buslov
Synopsis: The year is 1941. Nazi Germany has declared war on the USSR and begins launching air assaults on Moscow and St. Petersburg. Stalin immediately orders a retaliatory air campaign, codenamed “Wings over Berlin.” The closest access point to the German capital is an airfield on an Estonian island in the Baltic Sea. But pilots must brave a seven-hour flight over enemy territory in outdated aircraft, with no chance of survival in case of attack.

“Blue Whale” (Mirsand)
Producers: Timur Bekmambetov, Igor Mishin, Anna Shalashina
Synopsis: After her younger sister commits suicide, troubled adolescent Dana decides to find out what led to her death. Examining her sister’s computer, she finds a secret chat group where adolescents are encouraged to kill themselves through a challenge called “Blue Whale.” Dana’s investigation leads her closer to the truth, but in order to discover what really happened, she herself must play the deadly game.

“A Dog Named Palma” (Mars Media)
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Leonard Blavatnik, Narek Martirosyan, Kristina Reylyan
Synopsis: A story of love, friendship, loyalty, and betrayal, about a dog that helped to unite a family. The film’s hero is an astonishing canine who will win over children and parents alike. Based on a true story that took place in the USSR in the 1970s.

“Girls Got Game” (Revolution Film)
Producers: Artem Vitkin, Grigory Podzemelny, Grigory Granovsky, Mikhail Dvorkovich
Synopsis: A local female soccer team works together to get through hard times and overcome sexual prejudice. Their strength is tested when they lose not only their games, but their beloved coach, who was the core of the team. Working together they manage to find financial support, triumph on the field, and earn the respect of the community.

“Major Grom: Plague Doctor” (Bubble Studios)
Producers: Artem Gabrielyanov, Mikhail Kitaev, Olga Filipuk
Synopsis: Based on the hit comic book series. Life in St. Petersburg drastically changes when a mysterious vigilante dressed as a medieval plague doctor appears in the city. Declaring that the world is plagued by injustice, he begins to cure it by murdering those he considers villainous. Police Major Igor Grom and his rookie partner, Dima Dubin, are determined to stop the cold-blooded murderer by any means necessary.