A James Bond fan with just weeks to live is hoping to preview 007’s latest caper, “No Time to Die,” before he passes.

James Millar, a 57-year-old Bond fanatic, lives in Bonds Cottage surrounded by film merchandise and even a 007-themed door mat at the front door.

His daughter, Remy, has posted a short video on Twitter showcasing some of Millar’s collection and asking whether anyone can help him see a preview of the long-delayed film, which features Daniel Craig in the title role.

“My dad is a lifelong James Bond fan. But he’s been given weeks to live at the age of 57, and he won’t make it to the #NoTimeToDie release date,” she wrote on Twitter. “Please can anyone help? I’ve made a video for more detail.”

The tweet has so far racked up over 1,000 likes and retweets.

“When you’re hit with a terminal diagnosis and given weeks to live, life and what happens beyond it (for both the one leaving and those staying), is all you can think about,” Remy tells Variety.

“With a diagnosis like my father’s cancer, the joys of life [have] been taken away – taste, smells, movement, comfort, freedom, possibility, spontaneity. What I want to give for my dad is a couple of hours of respite, where he can suspend reality and lose himself in the franchise he has passionately loved and followed and immersed himself in for all of his 5 decades.”

“No Time to Die” was originally slated to come out in April 2020 and has been delayed multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is now scheduled for theatrical release on Oct. 8.

Variety has contacted “No Time to Die” producers Eon Productions and the film’s international distributor Universal Pictures for comment on the Millar family’s request.

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James Millar (above) Remy Millar

Valentina Valentini contributed to this report.