Madrid-based sales company Feel Content has picked up international sales rights to black comedy “El cuento del tío” (“Pigeon Drop”), the feature debut of Argentine writer-director Ignacio Guggiari.

An Argentina-Chile co-production, produced by Gastón Klingenfeld at Buenos Aires’ outfit Gancho, Agustín Gosende at Cooperativa Mental and Picardía Films’ Diego Rougier, “El cuento del tío” world premieres on March 5 at the 2021 Miami Film Festival edition.

The feature, which also adds doses of suspense and drama to the mix, is set in a luxurious house during a Christmas dinner, when Rodo, the family’s millionaire uncle, accidentally dies.

His relatives, in pronounced dire straits, speculate about his lavish inheritance, but everything changes when at 12 o’clock the doorbell of the house rings and a woman introduces herself as the wife of the deceased.

Mario, the family’s head, desperate at the possibility of losing everything, hides the body and forces the others to simulate the uncle’s kidnapping. In this way, they’ll get the inheritance in the form of the ransom. The plan seems infallible, but it goes into crisis when everyone wants to take their share.

“El cuento del tío’s” ensemble cast features Argentine actors Luis Ziembrowski (“The Rotten Link”), Alejandra Flechner (“En terapia”), Mónica Villa (“Wild Tales”), Silvia Perez (“Encarnación”), Martín Slipak (“No Return”) and Jorge D’Elía (“Los simuladores”).

“This is a film that meets all the expectations of the audience who likes comedy: Very well defined and acted characters, gags that work very well on a universal level, despite the fact that the story maintains its local identity and context,”  said Eva Pérez Martín, international sales manager at Feel Content.

According to Pérez, “El cuento del tío” “has a great potential for all distribution windows but also to be adapted internationally, so we are going to put a lot of weight on the remake rights.”

Created by Inside Content’s Geraldine Gonard -director of Spain’s Conecta Fiction co-production forum- and Great Waves’ Luis Collar, Feel Content made its public market bow at Ventana Sur 2020, with the aim of exploiting new opportunities emerging in a fast-evolving sales landscape.

With a first-phase plan of acquiring individual titles and catalogs of Spanish-language and European films, the Spanish company is focused in particular at the moment on the international distribution of thrillers, horror pics and comedies.