European Film Promotion, a network of film agencies and institutes from 37 European countries, and the Sundance Film Festival have kicked off their first ever collaboration. The partners have launched an online showcase, Europe! Hub at Sundance, that puts the spotlight on the European films premiering in competition at the festival (Jan. 28-Feb. 3).

Next year, the partners are planning to host an onsite edition of the venture at the festival, with the target audience being North American distributors.

In a statement, EFP managing director, Sonja Heinen, underscored the importance of the festival, especially during a “challenging” time. She said EFP would work closely with the Sundance team “to raise the awareness and increase the visibility of European films and talent at the festival.” She added that EFP was looking forward to “an on-going and growing relationship” with the festival in order to support European films and talent.

Twelve European feature films have been selected for the festival’s World Cinema competition sections, and another 34 titles from the continent will be screened in other sections. The digital hub gathers together information on the films and contact details for their world sales companies. The Hub will also host a panel on co-producing between the U.S. and Europe.

The European films and co-productions in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition are “Hive” by Blerta Basholli (Kosovo, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Albania), “Human Factors” by Ronny Trocker (Germany, Italy, Denmark), “Luzzu” by Alex Camilleri (Malta), “Pleasure” by Ninja Thyberg (Sweden, the Netherlands, France), “Prime Time” by Jakub Piątek (Poland), and “El Planeta” by Amalia Ulman (U.S., Spain).

The lineup of European productions in the World Cinema Documentary Competition include “Flee” by Jonas Poher Rasmussen (Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway), “Misha and the Wolves” by Sam Hobkinson (U.K., Belgium), “The Most Beautiful Boy in the World” by Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri (Sweden), “President” by Camilla Nielsson (Denmark, U.S., Norway, Zimbabwe), “Sabaya” by Hogir Hirogi (Sweden), and “Taming the Garden” by Salomé Jashi (Switzerland, Germany, Georgia).

Film Sales Support, EFP’s funding program for the digital promotion campaigns of European sales companies, has awarded funds for the marketing of “Human Factors” (sold by Heretic Outreach), “The Most Beautiful Boy in the World” (sold by Films Boutique), and “Hive” (represented by LevelK).

The virtual Europe! Hub at Sundance is backed by the Creative Europe-Media Program of the European Union, as well as British Council, Danish Film Institute, German Films, Kosovo Cinematography Center, Polish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute and Swiss Films.