CAT&Docs, the Paris-based sales agency run by veteran Catherine Le Clef and partners Maelle Guenegues and Aleksandra Derewienko, has acquired the international rights to Haidy Kancler’s “Melting Dreams,” Variety has learned. The company will be launching sales during the Cannes Film Market, where the film will have a special screening on July 11.

“Melting Dreams” tells the story of young Afghan girls yearning to become professional skiers and representing Afghanistan at the Olympic Games. They are given a chance to go to Europe for training to become licensed ski instructors. What starts as an opportunity to follow their dreams very quickly turns into an unpredictable and emotional rollercoaster with high-stakes consequences.

Pic is produced by Studio Virc (“Houston, We Have a Problem”) and co-produced with Kinocompany and Flair Film, with the collaboration of RTV Slovenija and YLE.

“The story of young girls skiing in the high mountains of Afghanistan is attractive by itself. So I immediately wanted to tell the story about that,” said Kancler. “But I got even more hooked by it when I discovered their ambition to reach high athletic goals and to further develop skiing in the region; something that is bringing so much joy to the girls.”

Offering “a point of view on Afghan culture that was hardly ever shown,” the director added that the film is a reflection of “how we see them and especially how they see us. And most of all, what happens when life happens.”

Other recent acquisitions on CAT&Docs’ Cannes slate are “All-In,” by Volkan Üce (Belgium), “Life of Ivanna,” by Renato Borrayo Serrano (Russia), “Fly So Far,” by Celina Escher (Sweden) and “Raise the Bar,” by Gudjon Ragnarsson (Iceland).