Cannes president Pierre Lescure gave some reassurance to international industry executives, talent and journos who have been holding their breath since earlier this week when the French government announced some tighter measures for visitors from the U.K.

Lescure said he expects the government to unveil special instructions for those accredited for the festival within the next 36 hours. The festival’s president also mentioned countries will be classified by color – either green or red — by the ministry of foreign affairs according to their health situation, and the color will determine what rules will apply to each country’s visitors when they enter France.

“All the countries in the green zone will have their nationals carry a European health pass. These people will be able to access the festival without any problem”, said Lescure. He added that the festival was also “in the process of obtaining exemptions for international travellers, including those coming from the U.K. and some European or French declarations should be made in the hours to come.”

As for the U.S., Lescure, said, the issue at stake isn’t to allow people in, as U.S. visitors will be able to enter France without any problem. But as of now, non U.S. citizens, especially French citizens, who will be coming from the U.S. will not be able to return home after the festival. Lescure said U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit in 10 days should help to find a solution to facilitate travels from France to the U.S.

As for countries classified as red, which number 16 at present, Lescure said the festival is discussing with the office of the French Prime Minister and the ministry of foreign affairs to allow journalists to come to Cannes “with conditions that are acceptable” and “without too much quarantine.”

“We will have a difficult time to avoid (the quarantine), I don’t want to speak too much because the services of the Prime Minister will certainly – within the next 24-to-48 hours — make some very precise announcement which will help,” said Lescure.

“What will be announced will address all of the population but will also speak about the festival which is the biggest cultural festival in the world and welcomes a lot of people in France,” Lescure added.