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Berlin Sales Drivers – Key Spanish Movies at the European Film Market

It snows in Benidorm
-Courtesy of Film Factory

MADRID — Flushed by Netflix success with “Below Zero,” Spain brings an extraordinary gamut of movie titles to Berlin. Some highlights:

“All the Moons,” (Igor Legarreta)

A France-Spain co-production, “All the Moons” tracks two vampires in the northern Spain during the last Carlist war. S.A. Filmax

“Ane is Missing,” (David Pérez Sañudo)

A 2021 best picture Goya nominee, Patricia López Arnáiz dominates as a mother looking for her teenage daughter. S.A. Latido

“Alcarrás,” (Carla Simon)

Much anticipated after Simon’s “Summer 1993,” “Alcarrás” tracks the final harvest at a multi-generational family farm. Co-produced with Italy. S.A. MK2 Films

“Baby,” (Juanma Bajo Ulloa)

This dialogue-free thriller follows an upper-class drug addict trying to track down her baby after selling it to a child trafficker.S.A. Latido

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“Baby” Courtesy: Nicolas Reusens/Latido Films

“Beyond the Summit,” (Ibon Cormenzana)

Javier Rey (“Fariña”) & Patricia Lopez Arnaiz (“Ane”) star in this mountain climbing metaphor for self-realization.

S.A. Filmax

“Brothers-In-Law,” (Toño Lopez)

Two brothers through marriage seek revenge against the woman who ruined their business by kidnapping her brother-in-law. S.A. Filmax

“The Consequences,” (Claudia Pinto Emperador)

This sophomore feature from “The Longest Distance” director Claudia Pinto unspools as a family thriller set on a remote island. S.A. Film Factory

“The Daughter,” (Manuel Martín Cuenca)

A tutor and his wife, unable to conceive, take in a pregnant runaway on the condition she leave the baby with them. S.A. Film Factory

“Girlfriends,” (Carol Rodriguez Colas)

High-end fashion photographer Marta returns to the working-class neighborhood where she was raised. S.A. Filmax

“The Good Boss,” (Fernando León de Aranoa)

Javier Bardem headlines an ensemble cast in this story of an empresario up for an award just as everything at his business goes wrong. S.A. MK2

“The House of Snails,” (Macarena Astorga)

Fighting writer’s block, Antonio relocates to a village near Malaga where he includes the locals in his stories, uncovering a secret stranger than fiction. S.A. Filmax

“The Invisible,” (Gracia Querejeta)

An open air chamber piece marking Querejeta’s most personal work to date, in which a trio of women use their group walks to voice their insecurities. S.A. Feel Content

“It Snows in Benidorm,” (Isabel Coixet)

Produced by the Almodóvar brothers’ El Deseo, Coixet puts star Timothy Spall out of his element as he looks for his lost brother in Benidorm. S.A. Film Factory

“The King of the Whole World,” (Carlos Saura)

A director and his ex team on a dance program fusing Mexican and Spanish styles while repairing old wounds. S.A. Latido

“La Veduta Luminosa,” (Fabrizio Ferraro)

Ferrero follows “Les Unwanted de Europa” with the story of filmmaker Emmer and assistant Catarina, retracing the steps of German poet Hölderlin.

“Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake,” (Benito Zambrano)

Two sisters, separated as teenS, reunite to sell a bakery inherited from a stranger. S.A. Filmax

“Matria,” (Álvaro Gago)

A former Variety talent to track, Gago makes his feature debut with this Galicia-set tale of a motherhood. S.A. New Europe Film Sales

“Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea,” (Marcel Barrena)

The true life origins story of NGO Open Arms, melding survival adventure and the battle to stop immigrants dying at sea. S.A. Filmax

“My Heart Goes Boom!” (Nacho Álvarez)

Bright colors and Raffaella Carrà’s music fuel this “Mama Mia”-style story of a runaway bride in ‘70s Spain. S.A. Latido

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“My Heart Goes Boom!” Credit: JULIO VERGNE

“Official Competition,” (Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn)

Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez star in this meta feature about filmmaking and ego. S.A. Protagonist Pictures

“On the Fringe,” (Juan Diego Botto)

Penelope Cruz and Luis Tosar headline this social thriller which takes place in a single day that will forever impact the lives of its protagonists. S.A. Bankside Films

“Polyamory for Dummies,” (Fernando Colomo)

28-year-old overnight internet sensation Manu and young doctor Amanda embark on a polyamorous relationship in defiance of traditional romantic love. S.A. Latido

“Pullman,” (Toni Bestard)

A novel children’s social issue movie in which two tweet friends stumble across a too-adult world of prostitution, homelessness, drug abuse and xenophobia. S.A. Feel Content

“¿Que Hicimos Mal?” (Liliana Torres)

Pushing 40 in a cycle of failed relationships, Lili tracks down former lovers to ask, “What went wrong?” Torres writes, directs and stars.

“Stories Not to be Told,” (Cesc Gay)

A superstar cast of Latin talent unite to present five relatable stories which will have audiences’ skin crawling. S.A. Filmax

“The Turtles,” (Belén Funes)

A young family in the city fights to survive Spain’s economic crisis in the second feature from “A Thief’s Daughter” director Belén Funes.

“Unicornios,” (Alex Lora)

Sofia tries to perfect her relationship through labels, sexual exploration and confronting doubts and contradictions in this project. S.A. Filmax

“When Brooklyn Met Seville,” (Vicente Villanueva)

Ana dreams of leaving her hardscrabble neighborhood, but instead gets a new roommate when her mom invites a lodger to avoid eviction. S.A. Filmax

“You Keep the Kids!” (Dani de la Orden)

Divorced parents fight to lose custody of their children in this tale inspired by “Daddy or Mommy,” which earned $19.9 million in France.  S.A. Film Factory

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“Official Competition” Courtesy: Manolo Pavon/The Mediapro Studio