Argentina’s Aleph Cine, led by Fernando Sokolowicz, one of the country’s most established film producers, has taken an undisclosed co-production stake in Romina Paula’s project “Gente de noche” (“People by Night”), produced by New Argentine Cinema icon Diego Dubcovsky at Varsovia Films.

Selected for San Sebastian Festival’s 9th Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, “Gente” marks Paula’s return to the Spanish festival after winning the 2019 Horizontes Award with her feature debut “Again Once Again” and co-directing 2020 Official Section omnibus player “Unlimited Edition.”

Toplining Agustina Muñoz (“Viola”) and Margarita Molfino (“Wild Tales”), the project follows Agustina, a woman who travels with her newborn baby to Selva Misionera to meet her wife’s family.

Selva Misionera owes its name to the Jesuit missions that began in the 17th Century in Guaraní territory -comprising current northeastern Argentina plus Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil- by the Society of Jesus to evangelize the region.

There, Agustina will attend particular representations of social rites that will make her doubt everything that has been built up to now. She discovers that she had no idea who the mother of her child is, let alone herself.

“I am interested in entering the Selva Misionera to tell a fictional story, without the intention of making a historiographic reconstruction,” Paula said.

She added: “I have also been wondering for a long time about the temporality of spaces, the absurdity of affirming that we live in the same historical time all over the planet.”

“That’s why I am interested in taking characters from the city to the jungle and putting into action the dissolution of life in the city with its linear time and its productivity as soon as they begin to coexist with nature,” she explained.

The project has already won a development and writing award from Rotterdam Festival’s Hubert Bals Fund – Bright Future in 2020.

As was the case with Paula’s first feature, “Again Once Again,” “Gente” is set up at Varsovia Films, produced by Dubcovsky, whose credits take in from foundation movies of the so-called New Argentine Cinema (“Garaje Olimpo”) to multiple hits from Daniel Burman such as Berlin double Silver Bear winner “The Lost Embrace,” plus features by Walter Salles (“The Motorcycle Diaries”), Cesc Gay (“Truman”) and Diego Lerman (“Meanwhile”).

Producer Victoria Aizenstat co-produces “Gente” on behalf Aleph, the film and TV house Argentine entrepreneur Fernando Sokolowicz founded three decades ago, having produce flagship Argentine recent movies such as Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat’s “The Distinguished Citizen” and “El hombre de al lado,” Duprat’s “My Masterpiece” and Marcos Carnevale’s “Viudas.”