Sony Pictures International Productions has picked up the German remake rights to two comedy titles from FilmSharks International subsidiary, The Remake Company: Argentine family comedy “Ten Days Without Mom” and Brazil’s risqué romp, “Upside Down.”

“High concept family-driven and erotic comedies are the hottest trending genres for holiday and summer releases in cinemas and on streaming platforms,” said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud who pointed out that the Spanish and Italian versions of “Ten Days Without Mom” were hits either in at the box office or online.

The Italian remake of ‘Ten Days…’ bowed in Italian cinema theaters at No. 1 and its sequel “10 Giorni Con Babbo Natale,” released over Christmas, is one of Amazon’s hottest 2021 titles in Italy, said Rud.

Rud noted that NATPE and other traditionally TV markets have also become film markets as Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu and others have been attending these events more than the traditional international film markets and festivals. “That’s why I chose to announce these film remake pickups at NATPE,” explained Rud.

“Ten Days without Mom” (“Mama se Fue de Viaje”), by Ariel Winograd, centers on a family whose mother decides to teach her husband a lesson by taking off for Peru and leaving him to manage the house and kids on his own. It was the No. 1 movie in 2017 in Argentina where it punched 1.7 million admissions.

Remake rights to “Ten Days…” have been sold to Sony in Spain, BTF Media for Mexico AGC Studios for the U.S, Studiocanal in France, and Glaz, Brazil, among others. Talks are underway with buyers in Korea, China and India.

Erotic comedy “Upside Down” (“De Pernas Pro Ar”) is the biggest movie franchise in Brazil, with three parts already released. With a remake title of “Sex Shop Inc.”  it has already been sold to Televisa/Videocine in Mexico and Soo Films in Korea. Discussions are ongoing with interested remake buyers in the U.S., Spain, Italy and India, according to Rud.

Directed by Roberto Santucci, “Upside Down” turns on a workaholic businesswoman at a toy company who is promptly fired when sex toys, instead of kids’ toys, are delivered to a product meeting. To get rid of these devices, she opts to partner with a sex shop where her business acumen converts it into the country’s biggest chain.