“My Brilliant Friend” star Margherita Mazzucco is set to play Saint Clare of Assisi in Susanna Nicchiarelli’s new feature film “Chiara” which will conclude the director’s trilogy of female biopics also comprising “Nico, 1988” and “Miss Marx.”

Nicchiarelli’s portrait of the 13th century saint born into a wealthy family who at age 18 became a nun after hearing St. Francis preach is being produced by the director’s regular producers, Marta Donzelli and Gregorio Paonessa’s Vivo Film, with RAI Cinema and Belgium’s Tarantula.

Italian actor Andrea Carpenzano (“The Champion”) is also set to star.

“The strength of Chiara’s story lies in her modernity: after all, we are talking about an eighteen year old who, although in a very different context from ours, fights for her dreams,” Nicchiarelli said in a statement. “I am convinced that his story can also speak to the girls and boys of today, and to anyone who has been eighteen and had a dream to fight for,” she added.

The Franciscans and Saint Clare’s followers were bold young people who “thought outside-the-box, were passionate about life, and had a revolutionary project and a wish to rethink the world, completely rejecting many of the main precepts that still regulate our society when it comes to private property; family; and, of course, money. Their message is simple, as are their miracles” Nicchiarelli went on to note.

Shooting on “Chiara” is expected to start in November.

Meanwhile The Match Factory has taken international sales on another Vivo Film feature titled “Il Pataffio” (first look image below) a black comedy set in the Middle Ages, based on a novel by Luigi Malerba about an aristocratic couple living in a run down castle amid a famine contending for food with the lower classes.

“Pataffio” is set in a world similar to that of Mario Monicelli’s “The Incredible Army of Brancaleone,” which went to Cannes in 1966. It is directed by newcomer Francesco Lagi who helmed Netflix’s Original Italian series “Summertime” and stars Lino Musella, Giorgio Tirabassi, Viviana Cangiano, Giovanni Ludeno, Vincenzo Nemolato,  Alessandro Gassmann and Valerio Mastandrea.

Pic, which is expected to wrap principal photography on July 17, is co-produced by Vivo Film with RAI Cinema and Belgium’s Umedia, in association with Milan-based Colorado Film.

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Courtesy Vivo Film