Spanish director and screenplay writer Mireia Noguera is one of seven female directors teaming up for Barcelona-based production house Corte A Films and Mosaic Cinema on the anthology “7 of Hearts.”

Corte A Films is in the financing phase of the film, which is the second project by Esteve Soler and Gerard Quinto, who directed “7 Reasons to Run Away (From Society),” with David Torras. The film won the Audience Award at the Gaudis.

This Night Wheel Pictures production has received Euros 25,000 in development support from Madrid local government, she says. Night Wheel is producing with Maria Mira.

“Seven Reasons” featured seven darkly humorous stories revolving around protagonists that were detestable, proving the point that sometimes it is best to avoid other humans.

“This new film, ‘7 of Hearts,’ is also composed of seven stories, but what is special is that it will be directed by seven women,” Noguera tells Variety.

The film is written by Soler, who is also a playwright.

“‘7 of Hearts’ is a film made up of seven tales in which seven young female directors face the labyrinth of sentimental relationships typical of our time,” she says.

“At Corte A Films, our production company, we are enthusiastic about this proposal. We consider that it connects perfectly with the concerns and debates of the moment. These seven proposals speak of love and, above all, of its dark side,” the company said in a statement.

“Another strong point of this project resides in the powerful casting proposal, which follows the same dynamic of the previous film by the same creator,” it continued.

Noguera tells Variety that she is also writing the script for the feature “Monstruo,” which is to be directed by Carlos Baena, the helmer of animated short film “La Noria.”

In “Monstruo,” 10 years after leaving an orphanage, Amalia, a 15-year-old girl, meets a monster that follows her, as there are a number of violent deaths of people around her.

This Night Wheel Pictures production has received Euros 25,000 in development support from Madrid local government, she says.

Noguera’s past credits include the short film “I Never Left You Alone,” which played at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival in 2019. It went on to win the Méliès d’Argent Award in Terror Molins, and was also awarded a Silver Biznaga Special Mention at the Malaga Film Festival this year, and screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Her other credits include the short film “Centrifugado” in 2017.

Represented by the Alter Ego agency in Spain, she is preparing her first feature.

Corte A Films is a recently created production company led by Jana Llopart, which “seeks to produce independent cinema, betting on the new generation of emerging talent.”

Corte A Films is developing a feature film called “Three Songs” by Adrià Guxens, which has been selected by several co-production forums this year, including Brussels Co-Production Forum and Abycine Lanza.

“Corte A Films aims to create an audiovisual community and give voice to new directors with great potential, helping to bring their projects to life with the aim of putting them on the film industry map.”

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