International sales, distribution and production company Axxon Media have closed a pair of deals with WarnerMedia for Latin America and the Caribbean, one for a finished feature and the other a project, both announced at this year’s Cannes Marché du Film.

WarnerMedia has picked up Mireia Gabilando’s Spanish comedy “The Hive” and will bring the film to its HBO Max Latam channel in 39 territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. In “The Hive,” long buried secrets are unearthed and plague a group of childhood friends who reunite in a country house to celebrate a bachelorette party. Acrónica and Tentazioa produced the feature.

Gabilondo’s sophomore effort, the film, adapted from Kepa Arresti’s play “Enjambre,” tracks the events of an evening which transforms from a carefree get-together into an anxious evening of accusations and airing of dirty laundry.

Miguel García De La Calera’s “The Caribbean ‘All Inclusive’” is also lined up for the trans-Atlantic voyage, destined for Warner platforms in the same Latin American territories. In the film, Elena books a Caribbean getaway to lift the spirits of her depressed friend Alicia, who is in the process of getting over an ex after a bad breakup.

The deal announcements with Warner are only the start at this year’s Cannes for Axxon Media, which has several other titles that are making an impression, with deals likely to be announced shortly.

Axxon Media Belgium is co-producing Bernard Mazauric’s French feature project “Hyacinthe,” a reinterpretation of John Steinbeck’s classic novel “Of Mice and Men ” set in modern-day France. Filming is set for September of this year in the Paca region of Southeast France with stars Denis Lavant (”Holy Motors’ ‘) and title-winning French kickboxer Patrice Quarteron (”Gates of the Sun ”).

Senegalese director Amina N’Diaye Leclerc’s “Valdiodio, An Historical Trial” documents the modern day efforts of a group of Senegalese lawyers to revisit the 1963 trial of Valdiodio N’Diaye, a hero of Senegal’s independence movement who was unjustly accused of having promoted a coup together with the President of the Council, Mamadou Dia.

And finally, Axxon is hosting the market premiere for Antoine Vans’ “L’assureur” (The Insurer), the story of a young woman and a 50-something man forced to reluctantly aid a con-artist to save an innocent person.

In the bigger picture, Axxon has also redefined the roles of its dual labels Axxon Media Belgium, which now leads the company’s co-productions and handles international sales, and Axxon Films France, which will continue domestic distribution of films in that country.