Projects Selected in Drama Series Lab 2deo Serieak:

“Su Hotza,” Angel Aldarondo

“Su Hotza” follows an intrepid journalist who enters the hermetic world of haute cuisine to investigate the accidental death of a mysterious diner in a high-end restaurant and soon discovers the seamy side of San Sebastian. For two decades, Aldarondo has forged a multidisciplinary profile that encompasses the worlds of advertising, television, video and short films. He is currently helming documentary “Simulacro,” about musician Rafael Berrio, and is in post on his short film “Poseidon Oporretan.”

“PRINT!” Paloma Mora and María Mínguez

Mora is the creator, scriptwriter, co-writer and producer, together with Mínguez, of the fiction series “PRINT !” which follows the working class Martínez family. After the patriarch is fired from his job at the printing company, fate and chance convert them into occasional bill counterfeiters. The family must safeguard their secret as they begin to lead a double life. Meanwhile, a detective, the sister-in-law’s boyfriend, and a nosy neighbor follow their trail.

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PRINT! Courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival

“Raval,” Jan Matheu and Victor Alonso-Berbel

The Pompeu Fabra University grads are developing their first fiction drama series, “Raval,” at the Residency program of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain. “Raval” follows Sofia who, after the disappearance of her boyfriend, assumes the identity of a delivery rider to unearth an illegal scheme that makes her question everything she knew about him and herself. Both have worked as scriptwriters for Atresmedia Studios and Movistar Plus and developed the fiction series “Flanagan” with The Mediapro Studio.

Audiovisual Lab : 2deo Sariak Projects (Premios 2deo):

“Fatum,” Pello Reparaz (Spain)

Reparaz’s electronic music project “Fatum” is an interactive video clip based on hyper-effective exploration techniques. “Fatum” challenges our assumption that we make our own decisions. Trained from a very young age in music, Reparaz has been a composer, musician and producer for more than a decade. At the age of 17, after participating in various projects, he created the group Vendetta, which played 500 concerts across the world.

“Larrugorritan,” Jone Arriola (Spain)

Based on Arriola’s experiences, “Larrugorritan” focuses on a group of five female university students in their twenties as they break stereotypes and myths about people their age and explore their newfound independence. Arriola has a degree in Audiovisual Communications from the University of the Basque Country and has studied at the Innland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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Larrugorritan Courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival

“Nahiak,” La Traka Producciones (Spain)

Produced by non-profit La Traka Producciones, web series “Nahiak” is made up of three 15-minute sections, which comprise a mix of drama and comedy. Its ironic tone sets aside formalism and complex narratives to allow for the naturalness and simplicity of the characters and its plots to shine. The project aims to avoid stereotyping and offer visibility to marginalized groups.

Ikusmira Berriak 2021:

 “Until the Place Becomes Unlikely,” Magdalena Orellana (Argentina)

An alum of the Zine Eskola, Buenos Aires-born Orellana’s feature film “Until the Place Becomes Unlikely” turns on a group of characters who experience a series of unexpected events under the effects of an enigmatic force that seems to deny them everything they’ve ever learned. Meanwhile, the magnetic north pole is shifting off its usual axis and no one in the scientific community can explain why.

 “The Wind Grotto,” Eduardo Crespo (Argentina)

The Argentine director, screenwriter and DoP whose film “We Will Never Die” competed in last year’s San Sebastian Film Festival, is back with “The Wind Grotto” which revolves around Horacio, a veterinarian who emigrated to Italy from Argentina several years ago. He lives with his young daughter Mara, an introvert who is passionate about caving. Both will undertake separate trips but they will meet deep in the mountains where they finally open up to each other.

 “Manantial,” Manuel Muñoz Rivas (Spain)

By Seville-born Muñoz Rivas who premiered his debut feature “The Sea Watches Us from Afar” at the 2017 Berlinale, “Manantial” tracks an elderly man, partially rehabilitated after a complex operation, who goes on a weekend trip with his wife. Together they venture by car from the mouth of a river into the mountains, where they continue on foot, in search of the remote source from which the river is born.

“Wandervogel,” Mina Fitzpatrick (U.S.)

Fitzpatrick participated in 2017 in the international meeting of film students at San Sebastián’s NEST with a short of the same title, which she developed at Ikusmira Berriak. “Wandervogel” revolves around a young man accused of patricide who seeks his place amid the violence and strangeness of the Texas desert. Dan Dailey (68) and Derek King (28) live together. When Dan dies of a heart attack, Derek finds himself adrift and considered a prime suspect by the town authorities.

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Wandervogel Courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival

WIP Latam

“Octupus Skin,” Ana Cristina Barragan (Ecuador)

An Eskola Zine alum, Barragan’s latest film, which participates at WIP Latam, follows her award-winning debut feature “Alba” (2016) which represented Ecuador at the Oscars and Goyas. “La Piel Pulpa” explores bedrock relationships as it follows 17-year-old twins Iris and Ariel who live with their mother and older sister on a remote island. When their mother kills herself, a grieving Iris sets off on her own to find her own identity. Barragan is developing her next film “Hiedra” (“The Ivy”), to star Karla Souza.