Jonathan Majors Says Keeping His Marvel Universe Debut a Secret for Seven Months Felt ‘Biblical’

Variety's Awards Circuit Podcast: Majors discusses his epic western 'The Harder They Fall,' now streaming on Netflix.

Jonathan Majors.credit: Photograpgh by Alex Gitman
Alex Gitman for Variety

Last July, after much speculation and rumor, Jonathan Majors entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way – appearing in the season finale of “Loki” as He Who Remains, setting up a whole new chapter for the MCU. He is now formally confirmed to appear next as Kang the Conqueror, a variant of He Who Remains, in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”

On this week’s episode of Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast, Majors reveals that though he had to keep the secret for around seven months, it wasn’t that hard for him. “I don’t really talk to people much,” he says. “I just keep my head down.” Though he does admit that it feels kind of “biblical” at times. “You got this little secret, you feel like Mary.”

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The talented and charismatic Majors has been building a name for himself the last few years with heralded roles in films like “Da 5 Bloods” and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and is currently headlining Netflix’s epic western “The Harder They Fall.” Majors stars as cowboy Nat Love in Jeymes Samuel’s debut feature film, and says he fell in love with the story and character when he read the film’s opening scene – featuring a 10-year-old Nat Love. “You read a character and you want to be responsible for him or her,” Majors says. “I was on page seven and I thought, ‘I gotta do this.’”

Best known mostly for his work in dramas, Majors will host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Though the interview was conducted before Majors was announced as host, he is asked about doing more comedy and responds, “I tell stories. I think there’s something very beautiful about people who express themselves through humor … it’s different music, you know. So the short answer is yes, absolutely. You know, under the right circumstances, I’d absolutely love to be done. I mean, I think I’m equipped for it you know, but it’d be fun to you know, share that you know, expose that part of my artistry I’d like to do that.”

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