Steve Chicorel’s Organic Media Group is launching a trio of English-language movies at this week’s Hong Kong FilMart.

Aaron Eckhart (“The Dark Knight,” “Thank You for Smoking”) and Terrance Howard (“Crash,” “Iron Man”) head the cast of “Afterward,” a drama about a man struggling with the death of his daughter, for which OMG is handling rights sales within Asia.

Directed by Dito Montiel (“Empire State,” “Son of No One”), the fact-based film sees the father set out on a quest for truth and justice against corruption and small-town politics. Production begins next month in Louisiana. Lionsgate has the film for North America. Angel Oak Films will handle rights excluding North America and Asia.

OMG is also representing a pair of films, “Betrayed Within” and “Escape from Love,” developed for Lifetime Television in North America and available theatrically worldwide. Produced and financed by Thriller Films, OMG and Alianza Films, the pair will be shot back-to-back in Chicago, with “Betrayed Within” lensing from next month.

The female-driven thriller film is to be directed by actor, director and producer Elisabeth Rohm, who recently directed “Girl in the Basement” for Lifetime. The diverse cast includes Kelly Mi Li (“Bling Empire”) and principal actors Nicky Whelan (“Hall Pass,” “The Wedding Ringer”) and Chen Tang (“Mulan,” “Warrior”). The story focuses on a bride whose wedding seems to be unraveled by an unstable sister out of rehab, while an unsuspecting member of the bridal party is the real culprit.

“Escape from Love” starts production in May and stars Röhm (“American Hustle,” “Law & Order”) and Archie Kao (“CSI,” “Chicago P.D.”). After working and getting married in China, two newlyweds go on their honeymoon back in the U.S. There the woman is kidnapped by her husband’s crazy ex-girlfriend.

OMG has a virtual sales booth at FilMart which will be crewed by: co founder Chicorel; VP of Asia distribution Harrison Goldsmith; and Shari Hamrick, OMG’s head of production and executive responsible for China markets.