Ubiquitous dating app Tinder has hired its first ever content executive, Variety can report exclusively.

After getting its feet wet with the successful “Swipe Night,” an interactive series where users choose plot outcomes, Tinder has recruited former NBCUniversal exec Jaime Freedman as vice president of content.

Freedman will be responsible for building out a strategy that will feed current and future “shared experiences” across the company, leadership said on Tuesday. This type of programming lives in Tinder’s Explore section. Freedman will also build a team dedicated to timely, relevant and localized content-based experiences.

“Gen Z is looking for new ways to experience the magic of human connection: ways that blur boundaries between online and offline, and that feel fun and spontaneous,” Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg said in a statement. “The early success of Explore and interactive content like ‘Swipe Night’ proves that shared digital experiences can turn a match into meaningful conversations. We believe content is core to the future of how new people will meet and get to know each other, and we’re incredibly excited to have Jaime bring a new level of expertise to Tinder.”

Freedman has more than 15 years of experience across industries including entertainment, lifestyle and media. She spent the past four years overseeing digital growth and audience strategy for E! News. Prior to E!, she spent a year as a marketing and content strategy advisor to the CEO of Hallmark Labs. Prior to that, she spent a decade in publishing at Travelzoo. She is a founding member of CHIEF, the private network established for women leaders.