Spotify is encouraging all podcasters to add video to their shows on the platform — but some creators will have to wait before they can get access to “vodcasts.”

Starting Thursday, anyone will be able to apply for access to video uploading features in Anchor, Spotify’s free self-publishing podcast division, which will distribute the episodes directly on Spotify. (Creators can apply at this link.)

Meanwhile, according to Apple, Apple Podcasts has supported video podcasts for all creators using hosting solutions worldwide since 2005.

Spotify’s access to vodcasts will launch on a “rolling basis” with select creators, including existing podcasters who are expanding into video, as well as video creators looking to extend their offering to Spotify listeners, the company said. Spotify most recently said it hosts more than 2.9 million podcasts.

The audio-streaming giant first launched video podcasts in July 2020. Shows and podcasters currently with video versions available include “The Joe Rogan Experience,” The Ringer’s “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay,” Philip DeFranco, Jasmine Chiswell, “The WAN Show” and “Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald.”

With video podcasts, “fans can get to know their favorite podcast hosts even better, and creators can connect with their audiences in a much deeper way,” Spotify said in announcing the expanded availability of the feature.

Spotify said is has found that users want the option to switch between audio-only and video depending on what they’re doing and what they’re listening to. In the Spotify mobile app, video-enabled podcasts can be viewed in full-screen mode and listeners can switch back to audio only at any time. Spotify’s vodcasts also will be viewable on its desktop app, web player, and most smart TVs and video-game consoles.

Creators also will be able to soon be able to monetize Spotify video podcasts via the company’s podcast subscriptions feature, by making vodcasts available exclusively to paying subscribers. In addition, podcasters will be able to incorporate existing ad partnerships into their videos; Anchor said its recently announced automated ads will begin rolling out to select creators in the coming months.