One week after Netflix kicked off the global launch of its initial mobile games on Android, the streamer is bringing the titles to users with Apple’s iOS devices.

Starting Nov. 9, Netflix games will be available to access and download on the Apple App store for all members on iOS mobile and tablet devices. Then, 24 hours later (starting Nov. 10 at 10 a.m. PT), Netflix says its mobile games will start slowly rolling out on the Netflix iOS app. At that time, members will be able to see the games row on their homepages (pictured above).

The games available on iOS will be the five already available on Android: “Stranger Things: 1984” (BonusXP), “Stranger Things 3: The Game” (BonusXP), “Card Blast” (Rogue Games), and “Teeter Up” and “Shooting Hoops” (Frosty Pop).

Another title coming soon to Netflix’s games lineup: “Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story,” from Riot Games’ Riot Forge label. Set in the League of Legends universe, the game is a rhythm runner featuring Ziggs, the “unforgettable yordle and Hexplosives extraordinaire,” the publisher says. Players must perform bomb-jumps and bomb-attacks to the beat of a “toe-tapping soundtrack,” while avoiding obstacles and disarming enemies.

Netflix has said that the push into games (initially on mobile) is intended to enhance the value of the core video-streaming service — rather than representing a new revenue stream. The company hired former EA and Oculus exec Mike Verdu as VP of game development to lead the strategy.

Starting Wednesday, members who log into their Netflix profile on iPhone will see a dedicated games row where they can select any game to download. On iPad, users will see a dedicated games row (pinned to the sixth row position) or from the categories drop-down menu.

Once you have downloaded a game from the Apple App Store, the titles will appear on both the home screen of your iOS device and within the Netflix mobile app. All games will require Netflix users to authenticate membership in-game in order to play, but they’re available for no additional cost, with no ads and no in-app purchases.