Megyn Kelly’s tenure at Fox News and NBC came to an end some time ago, but she continues to find ways to stay in the game.

The former TV anchor, best known for her tenure on the Fox News Channel primetime schedule and a chaotic period at NBC News, will launch a new weekday talk program on satellite-radio broadcaster SiriusXM, starting Sept. 7. “The Megyn Kelly Show” will air weekdays between noon and 2 p.m. eastern on the outlet’s “Triumph” channel, which is devoted to programming that offers advice and inspiration. Other Triumph hosts include Nancy Grace, Dave Ramsey, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Glenn Beck.

Kelly has since September of last year focused on a podcast, produced by Red Seat Ventures, a company led by Christopher Balfe — former CEO of TheBlaze and president of Glenn Beck’s production company Mercury Radio Arts and Kevin Balfe, a former senior vice president at Mercury Radio Arts. Red Seat will continue to produce her program. Under terms of her agreement with SiriusXM, subscribers will gain access to video of the show via the company’s mobile app and social platforms. “The Megyn Kelly Show” will be made available as a podcast following its debut on SiriusXM’s Triumph.

“I’m thrilled to be taking our program to the next level by broadcasting it live for SiriusXM’s massive audience,” Kelly said in a prepared statement. She added that she believed support for her podcast indicated “that there is a thirst for open, honest and more meaningful conversations about current events.”

During her time on the media scene, Kelly has captured sizable interest and generated controversy in equal measure. Fox News’ decision to make her part of the network’s primetime lineup in 2013 quickly captured a sizable audience and expanded her profile. NBC News tried to harness that attention by luring her to its fold in 2017 and launching a Sunday newsmagazine and daily morning program with her at the helm, but failed to generate similar momentum. Kelly, always outspoken, parted ways with NBC News after a discussion about the use of blackface in Halloween costumes on an October 2018 broadcast of her morning show offended audiences and staffers.

During her new SiriusXM show, Kelly will take calls and interview newsmakers from the worlds of culture and politics. She will also offer her viewpoint on the top news stories of the day. To promote the new show, Triumph will feature a selection of Kelly’s recent podcasts starting Aug. 16.