In August of 2020 a tiny TikTok song dedicated to Remy the Rat (the animated star of the 2007 Pixar film “Ratatouille”) sparked a musical metamorphosis. Within days, theater kid TikTok was all asking the same question, “What if there was a ‘Ratatouille’ musical?”

The social media app was awash with 60 second offerings from designers, singers and choreographers all adding contributions to the opus. Solo performances would grow into choral anthems as user after user added their spin to each singers’ performance. A musical was taking shape with costumes, dance routines and even tiny dioramas of projected set renderings. The year’s crushing isolation and lack of live performances created the perfect spark to ignite an organic, entirely crowd-sourced musical.

As the submissions for “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” grew, so did its notoriety. Soon Andrew Barth Feldman (who played the titular role in “Dear Evan Hanson” on Broadway) was posting his own ballads as Linguini (the awkward chef who uses the help of a Remy to cook).

When it was time for the musical to come together, director Lucy Moss signed on to shape the phenomenon into a cohesive show. “Despite being on a format on the cutting edge of tech and the most Gen-Z thing in the world, people were aspiring to be like a classic musical,” Moss told The New York Times. “The challenge of doing that in the least theatrical space ever — online — was trying to remain true to that aspiration. The aim is a Zoom reading or an online concert that drank 20 Red Bulls and spit on the screen.” 

With Feldman on as Linguini, additional Broadway and Hollywood names also started to show interest. Tony-award winning actor André De Shields plays the frightening critic Anton Ego, Wayne Brady plays Remy’s father Django, Adam Lambert plays Remy’s brother Emile and the iconic Tituss Burgess is Remy, the star of the show.

And now the masterpiece is finished, with all proceeds going to the Actors Fund charity, audiences can donate to watch the entire show at this Today Tix link. But be warned — the performance will only be available for 72 hours.