In an exclusive clip from “30 Days With: Bretman Rock,” the titular digital celebrity opens up about seeking to connect with his dad, who died in 2019, by venturing into the Hawaiian jungle.

“Growing up in the Philippines, I wanted to be so much like my dad,” he says. “He taught me simple survival stuff. We were basically camping my whole childhood because we were so poor.”

The new four-part YouTube Original series, premiering June 30, tests Rock’s abilities to survive one week on his own in the wilderness. He will undergo mental and physical preparation with his friends and family until the time comes for his solo adventure in memory of his late father.

“I wanted to make peace with my dad. I didn’t get to really make peace before he passed away and so I’m hoping to connect to him spiritually,” Rock further explains in the Episode 1 first look. “I feel like he’s always guiding me. I feel like if I’m alone in the jungle, I’ll feel him more maybe.”

Previously, Rock opened up on “MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock” about not being able to properly mourn the death of his father in part because fans showed up to the funeral. In the series’ second episode, he honored the anniversary of his father’s death by gifting his sister bamboo plants to adjust the feng shui in her home, something he learned about from his dad.

This time around, Rock will dive further into finding closure by, like many great creatives before him, shedding the bustling modern world for the simplicity of the wilderness.

“I learned so much more than I expected to about myself and I connected deeper with my dad and my ancestors,” Rock told Variety. “The number one lesson I learned in the jungle was that everyone needs to be alone with their own thoughts for at least one point in their life, because I feel we are all scared to be alone with our own thoughts. I was able to grow so much from it, and I can’t wait for you to see it with your own eyes in the show.”

Watch the full clip below.