Sybel, France’s rising subscription-based podcast platform, has reached a two-year agreement with the French audio producers guild (PIA) to set up a revenue-sharing model for content creators.

The service is also expanding with the launch of a freemium model that will be financed by advertising and will include 500 more podcast titles. Available in French, Spanish and English, Sybel has a subscription priced at €3.99 per month that includes premium audio titles, from documentaries to children-skewing content ranging from cultural, educational and entertaining programs.

Under the agreement with PIA, creators will receive a percentage on revenues from either subscriptions or advertising. Sybel has also committed to investing a percentage of its revenue in independent French production and original creation.

PIA regroups France’s biggest audio producers, notably AOC, Bababam, Binge Audio, Black Bow Production, Blackship, Bloom, La Radio Des Enfants, Double Monde, Genre Ideal, Louie Media, Mamouz Prod, Nouvelles Écoutes, Paradiso, Podcut, Popkast, Slate.fr, Studio Minuit and Wave.

It’s a milestone deal in the fast-evolving podcast landscape. Global audio players like Apple and Spotify don’t have a revenue-sharing model. With this partnership, Sybel aims at supporting France’s vibrant podcast landscape and contributing to nurturing the local talent pool.

Sybel President Virginie Maire said the partnership will “allow Sybel to boast a global offer, both subscription-based and free” with “quality content, including both original fiction titles, documentary series and audio-books within a virtuous and ethical framework.”

Joël Ronez, president of PIA, said the revenue-sharing model will be “clear and transparent,” and will strengthen the relationship between creators and platforms. Lastly, the deal also marks the beginning of a new chapter for the podcast industry. “It’s the number one mission of PIA and the basis for the so-called French cultural exception which is so crucial to the diversity of content being produced here.”

Sybel’s free service will launch in November and will be available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as Sybel.co.