Backup Systems, the owner of the cloud-based app MovieChainer, has acquired a strategic stake in Moonday, the new AI-powered social and professional network dedicated to the film and TV industry.

MovieChainer launched five years ago and allows right-holders to model and track the legal and financial structure of their film projects. MovieChainer and Moonday will unveil new data-centric features for the industry the fourth quarter.

“Our services address the same clients, and while our respective promises are and will remain distinct, it rapidly became clear to us that several of our respective features could benefit from such synergies” said Olivier Bronckart, Moonday’s CEO and co-founder.

Sandrine Legrand, head of product strategy and partnerships for MovieChainer, said the company’s “underlying philosophy is that our products constantly need to evolve to adapt to our clients’ needs and deliver a better user experience.”

Jean-Baptiste Babin, the co-founder of Backup Systems, said the banner’s partnership with Moonday illustrates its ambition to “widen the range of online services available to content professionals, by uniting forces and building bridges between technical solutions. Babin said the company aims at “bringing the most cost-efficient quality service.”

A Brussels-based outfit, Moonday is the first social network exclusively dedicated to film and TV professionals, and includes features accessible funds, commissions and guilds. The platform bowed in Feb 2020 and already boasts over 2000 users from more than 800 companies around the world.

“With MovieChainer’s team, we’ll be building a joint offering between our two highly complementary solutions; and we will be able to make our deep-learning models even more robust as the more data we can cross-reference,” said Christophe Deliens, CTO and co-founder of Moonday. Deliens said the partnership with MovieChainer will also “benefit (its) institutional clients such as Wallimage in Belgium and Trentino Film Fund and Commission in Italy, who will be able to get even better market-insights.”

MovieChainer client rosters includes top international companies, including Bankside (U.K.), Bron Studio (US), Polygram (US), Charades (France), MK2 (France), TF1 (France), Memento (France), National Film Institute (Hungary), The Match Factory (Germany), SuperRights (France), Fintage House (Netherlands), Wildside (Italy), among others.

Backup Media Group is also a production company whose credits include “Submergence” by Wim Wenders, “Still Alice” by R. Glazer and W. Westmoreland, “Domino” by Brian De Palma, and “Girls of the Sun” by Eva Husson.