Phoenix Waters Productions in partnership with tech companies Marvion and Coinllectibles is launching digital entertainment studio Omnific Blockchain Studios to develop and produce entertainment-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital goods.

NFTs have taken the art world by storm and are now encroaching into the entertainment scene.

It will kick off with “Marvion’s Music Monarch,” an NFT-only music competition where artists around the world will have their works curated on the blockchain for viewers to vote through the use of NFTs.

Phoenix Waters Productions founder and CEO Bizhan Tong will quit AMM Global, a unit of former Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television, to head the new company.

Omnific Blockchain Studios will also develop “Karma,” a crime film comprised of multiple interlinked short stories from across the globe, to be curated entirely on the blockchain. This will involve filmmakers in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Korea, with the individual shorts and the full feature made available as NFTs.

“My vision from the start has been to build bridges between the East and West, and support the resurgence of the Hong Kong entertainment industry with a globally focused outlook,” said Tong on his departure from AMM and ATV. “Phoenix Waters will therefore continue to collaborate with all studios and production companies across Hong Kong in support of that vision. My relationship with ATV continues through the development of a dating show which I am co-producing with them.”

Phoenix Waters’ upcoming productions include crime drama series “Forensic Psychologist,” NFT-backed drama series “Crypto Keepers,” and zombie action film “Chungking Mansions.” The Tong-directed feature “Lockdown,” was recently completed and has Megaton Entertainment handling international sales.