Pandemic-set thriller “Lockdown” is to be offered as a non-fungible token prior to its theatrical release in November. NFTs, which allow proof of originality and authenticity even for something infinitely copiable such as software, digital images or video, are taking the art world by storm.

The film’s producers Phoenix Waters Productions and AMM Global have teamed with specialty firm Marvion Media and will offer a limited edition of just five NFTs in October. They will also offer NFT to attend both the Hong Kong and U.K. premieres of the film.

“Lockdown” tells the story of an actor (Kevin Leslie) who enters an audition where he is forced by the casting director (to pass a series of tests or else someone around him will die. It stars Xander Berkeley (“The Walking Dead”) and Hong Kong actress Anita Chui (“OCTB”).

“ ‘Lockdown’ is a commentary on the events of 2020 including our increased reliance on technology and the innovative ways in which it can be used,” says producer and director Bizhan Tong. “While we purposely eschewed making a ‘Zoom movie’ in favor of shooting on location to create a cinematic experience that feels both familiar and expansive, the use of NFTs fits with the themes of the film and the groundbreaking nature of our production”.

Phoenix Waters, which was itself recently sold to a crypto firm, claims that “Lockdown” is Asia’s first NFT-backed feature film. The company has already announced that its upcoming series “Crypto Keepers”  will also lean on NFTs.

The company’s other upcoming productions include crime series “Forensic Psychologist,” a Cantonese remake of Richard Linklater’s “Tape” with original writer Stephen Belber involved and Hong Kong-set zombie film “Chungking Mansions.”