U.K. film and TV union Bectu, which represents below-the-line workers and crewmembers, has set out six demands in its fight against bullying and harassment in the audio-visual industry, including a call for an external reporting body to be set up to deal with historical abuse allegations.

The six demands are:

Intimacy Coordinators
All productions should hire an intimacy coordinator where sex scenes or other intimate interaction will be required;

Safeguarding Officers
All productions should have a safeguarding officer on set to tackle bullying, harassment and other misconduct;

Mandatory Diversity Training
Equality, diversity and inclusivity training should be mandatory for all staff ahead of production;

Dignity in the Workplace
Establishing “clear and contractual” obligations to ensure dignity in the workplace and guarantee appropriate working conditions on set;

Complaints Policies
The establishment of an industry-wide complaints policy to deal with bullying and harassment, including a pathway to resolution; and

External Reporting Body
The establishment of an “external reporting body” to adjudicate historical abuse and harassment allegations.

Bectu’s demands are aimed at broadcasters, studios and production companies in the hope of enacting meaningful and lasting cultural change within the industry to ensure there is a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment.

“Broadcasters, production companies and studios must put their money where their mouth is in the fight against bullying and harassment and implement real measures that will lead to long-lasting change,” said Bectu head Philippa Childs. “Bectu’s six demands provide a blueprint for how the industry can tackle this endemic issue and assure workers in film and TV that their complaints will be taken seriously.”