Taylor Wynne, Digital Lead, Media Investment, Facebook; John Halley, Chief Operating Officer, Advertising Revenue, ViacomCBS; and Jed Dederick, SVP Global Client Development, The Trade Desk, will participate in a panel moderated by Heidi Chung, Media Analyst and Correspondent, Variety Intelligence Platform, on June 29 in the Variety Streaming Room.  

Connected TV is the fastest-growing channel across all of advertising, as marketers shift their TV budgets to this media category to reach expanding streaming audiences. Panelists will discuss how advertisers are rapidly reorganizing around this new landscape, taking an audience-first approach to their TV media-buying strategies and achieving new efficiencies in measuring ad campaigns in real-time.

Panelists will explain how they are benefitting from the flexibility of connected TV, how media platforms and technology partners are innovating for brands, and the overall implications of these trends for the TV advertising ecosystem.

“An accelerated rise in streaming TV consumption and cord-cutting by consumers over the past 15 months has forced marketers and media companies to completely rethink how to approach TV and video advertising,” Dederick said. “It’s never been more important to measure the ROI of ad spend by tying campaign results to real business outcomes. Fortunately, we now have the technology to do just that, and the rise in streaming means that marketers can finally tie business outcomes to the most effective ad format in history: television. As a result, forward-thinking media companies are embracing CTV to reach valuable streaming audiences and measure real world impact. This is a pivotal moment for TV advertising and I’m excited to be a part of this timely conversation about the future of television.”

Register for the free virtual panel at: variety.com/connectedtvpanel